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When things disappear from the internet (and: The Jun Togawa archive!)

Let me present a new website that I DON'T promise to maintain or update in any way (even if it would be good if I did): The Jun Togawa archive! It's a list of links to a bunch of Jun Togawa stuff, where the goal (that I ABSOLUTELY DON'T promise to fulfill) is to keep track of when the links die so I […]

Who's That Bitch? - Interview with the guys from This Is (NOT!) A Car Club!

I managed to get a hold of some of the VERY busy main characters from This Is (NOT!) A Car Club, and decided to ask them a couple of flaming hot questions. And, Disonesty (real name: Germatologist Disonesty) also answered the questions even if I didn't ask her. […]

99 brand new characters - Or "Here's kbrecordzz' own Pokedex!"

Gotta catch CONVERSATE them all! You know when you have a deadline for your game and you realize that "Darn! I have to come up with 100 new characters until this Sunday!"? I know the feeling way too well. Well, here they are. Unfinished, unpolished, unpleasant. Some have the same image, other […]

Thoughts after watching one season of Scrubs

I watched one season of Parks and Recreation, one season of Community and one season of Scrubs, and both Parks and Recreation and Community felt like comedy TV series, but Scrubs felt like... just Scrubs. TV series often feel based mostly on dialogue, on people saying things to each other back and f […]

Deleted scenes from my game

I had the idea that my game's characters Dark Gandalf, Adele, Daddy and Hårass would - besides running an illegal & secret underground car club - have a weekly "discussion club" where they talked about society, ideas and science, etc, that would mostly just turn into a forum for Dark Gandalf to spr […]

This Is (NOT!) A Car Club

Hi, website! My game / comedy bonanza / dark and heavy sentimental emotional journey that I call "story" This Is (NOT!) A Car Club - play the game! is not done, but you can play it anyway! Click the link again in a near or far future if you want to play the game when it looks, feels and IS better, a […]


I've had thoughts and notes about Laleh lying around for years, not knowing what to do with them, and I suddenly realized I could make a kbrecordzz.com post. After all, it's my website where I post stuff. When you look for the persons involved in a Laleh production you'll find a lot of different per […]

Random quotes from the interview summaries in The Shigeru Miyamoto Archive

While searching for the mythical "Cultural Technology" manual by Lee Soo-Man (the man who created SM Entertainment (the company who created Girls' Generation and Red Velvet)), I found The Shigeru Miyamoto Archive, which in some way is the closest thing to it. "It" being a manual for creating things. […]

What kbrecordzz will be

I was going to Oslo to see ODZ perform live, but in the last minute the show got cancelled via an SMS from the venue due to "unpredicted events". The music industry is dead, I thought, I'm glad I'm not making music and almost never goes to concerts anymore, I thought, next time I'm going to a concer […]


No one has made a great game yet, but Doom may be the closest to it. I've NEVER been into shooting monsters in dark gritty basements, in many ways its the complete opposite of the harmless Nintendo joy I like, so when I say Doom is the best game it says something about its power. With "no one has ma […]

How to create, handle and kill complexity

While making my game I've learned some things about complexity and simplicity. I wanna make the game big while keeping it small, it should amaze, perplex and entertain the user while at same time have a small core of technology to make it bugfree and possible to understand (and by that possible to d […]

Note to self: Don't create from anxiety

I got stuck in some thoughts that are very easy to get stuck in: Anxiety over if people will understand and like what you create. Here are three quotes I like, that get me out of those thoughts so I can focus on just making cool things instead: […]

The Pussy Method - my new method for creating computer programs

Programmers follow different religions when it comes to project management, and I felt the existing ones were lame so I created my own: The Pussy Method. (Tech humans, please name things more LIVELY than "agile" and "scrum"!!) The Pussy Method is a mix of the old "Waterfall methodology" (set a plan […]

I want maximal variation in life, so I looked at JPG compression and how it works

This post's cover image is a mix of these 2 images (the Youtube thumbnail for "Wonderful World" by Ano, and "Holiday" by Girls' Generation): A while ago when I went through all K-pop music videos ever in the history of the entire world, I saved the videos I liked in my own bookmark system, which is […]

The kbrecordzz productivity journey

I've dabbled in productivity (getting as much good things done as possible in your short stay on Earth) throughout my life (the last year), but while "hustle culture" may inspire you in the moment you don't really want to live like that forever (unless you really do). Many tricks for getting more th […]




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