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Category Archives: handling projects

Finishing big creative projects

Finishing a project is boring, because in this phase you aren't riding the wave of creativity and accomplishment anymore and you grow more and more tired of the project. And, you can't trust your own opinions on your project during this phase, because you're biased into caring about unnecessary deta […]

How to create, handle and kill complexity

While making my game I've learned some things about complexity and simplicity. I wanna make the game big while keeping it small, it should amaze, perplex and entertain the user while at same time have a small core of technology to make it bugfree and possible to understand (and by that possible to d […]

The kbrecordzz productivity journey

I've dabbled in productivity (getting as much good things done as possible in your short stay on Earth) throughout my life (the last year), but while "hustle culture" may inspire you in the moment you don't really want to live like that forever (unless you really do). Many tricks for getting more th […]