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Category Archives: My quarterly report

The best songs of 2021

If you’ve been a fan of my quarterly reports series during 2021, I’m about to disappoint you: There won’t be any more of them this year (only three texts for a quarter-based series? So unpure!!). Instead I’m making a whole-year list with 2021’s absolute best songs! The happy-go-lucky style […]

My Quarterly Report of Q3 2021

Time for the quarterly report! During Q3 I have used my time to play video games, so there aren’t as many music picks here as usual. But the ones I’ve found are guaranteed to give you a good time, at least if you’re the exact same person as me (which you are). Music that has made me feel good […]

My Quarterly Report of Q2 2021

Half of 2021 has passed! These are the music pieces that have created the most good vibes during the second half of the first half (Quarter 2) of 2021. No particular movements have flourished, no eras have ended or begun, and no patterns can be found. Here it is: Redman – 80 Barz. The 80s are back […]

My Quarterly Report of Q1 2021 – Part 2

Read Part 1! Since too many videos confuses a post I divided My Quarterly Report into two parts. This one is just as wild as Part 1 (if you thought it was wild at all). Here are some more things from the first quarter of 2021 that I enjoyed: Japanese pop duo Elleene made a song: Japanese chiptune/po […]

My Quarterly Report of Q1 2021 – Part 1

What’s good in 2021? Which subcultures are on the rise? What genre is the most prominent, and where is the most fresh music created? I don’t know, it mostly seems to be random. Here’s some stuff I’ve enjoyed from the first quarter of 2021: Frej Larsson‘s cyphers/freestyles. Swedish rap inc […]