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Category Archives: my own works

99 brand new characters - Or "Here's kbrecordzz' own Pokedex!"

Gotta catch CONVERSATE them all! You know when you have a deadline for your game and you realize that "Darn! I have to come up with 100 new characters until this Sunday!"? I know the feeling way too well. Well, here they are. Unfinished, unpolished, unpleasant. Some have the same image, other […]

Deleted scenes from my game

I had the idea that my game's characters Dark Gandalf, Adele, Daddy and Hårass would - besides running an illegal & secret underground car club - have a weekly "discussion club" where they talked about society, ideas and science, etc, that would mostly just turn into a forum for Dark Gandalf to spr […]

This Is (NOT!) A Car Club

Hi, website! My game / comedy bonanza / dark and heavy sentimental emotional journey that I call "story" This Is (NOT!) A Car Club - play the game! is not done, but you can play it anyway! Click the link again in a near or far future if you want to play the game when it looks, feels and IS better, a […]

Building a terrain engine for browser games (Games should start fast, and run fast!)

I got annoyed at how complicated gaming is. You need a powerful computer, you need to find a game, decide if you want to buy it, wait for it to install and maybe register an account, and THEN you can hopefully start playing. That's a 2000s PC desktop mindset that still rules gaming, which is weird b […]

I made a new soundtrack to The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time

Yes, I did. “But it already has a soundtrack?” you say. Yes, but I made a new one. I wanted to make music for video games, but how do you get someone to trust your abilities in doing it if you haven’t ever made music to a video game before? You start by making music to an existing game without […]