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Category Archives: my own works

How the internet works, and how I'll exploit it

The internet is cool, a lot of computers around the whole world are connected to each other in all possible directions and angles, and because of that you can do almost anything. There's no single definitive way for how your computer connects to my web server in Stockholm, but when you visit https:/ […]

This Is (NOT!) A Car Club is 100% released

Yes, it's true! Play the 3 episodes: EPISODE 1 - Dude, where's my car club? EPISODE 2 - It's illegal to drive without a driver's license EPISODE 3 - The Magnet Factory And this is where it started. Cocky beginnings, but in the end I succeeded with everything I wanted to succeed with. So maybe it's n […]

Dark Gandalf tells you about This Is (NOT!) A Car Club - EPISODE 2

Dark Gandalf: Hey, comrade! Welcome to EPISODE 2 of This Is (NOT!) A Car Club! Here's a quick recap of what happened in EPISODE 1. Dark Gandalf: In EPISODE 1, you got to know the car club and its members. Dark Gandalf: You got a letter from the government threatening to shut the club down, which mad […]

What happens every 16.67 milliseconds of my game?

2023 is over, and as a farewell to the year and to the game creation project that took a majority of my time this year, I feel like I have no other choice than to tell you everything. About how every single frame of the game works. About how raw nerd text like this could evolve into something like t […]

Public Announcement - EPISODE 1 of This Is (NOT!) A Car Club is now released

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT I have finally released the EPISODE 1 of the game / screenplay / whatever This Is (NOT!) A Car Club: This Is (NOT!) A Car Club - EPISODE 1 The fullscreen button may not work for iPhone, for some reason, and the game may run at double speed if you have a monitor with high "refresh […]

99 brand new characters - Or "Here's kbrecordzz' own Pokedex!"

Gotta catch CONVERSATE them all! You know when you have a deadline for your game and you realize that "Darn! I have to come up with 100 new characters until this Sunday!"? I know the feeling way too well. Well, here they are. Unfinished, unpolished, unpleasant. Some have the same image, other […]

Deleted scenes from my game

I had the idea that my game's characters Dark Gandalf, Adele, Daddy and Hårass would - besides running an illegal & secret underground car club - have a weekly "discussion club" where they talked about society, ideas and science, etc, that would mostly just turn into a forum for Dark Gandalf to spr […]

This Is (NOT!) A Car Club

Hi, website! My game / comedy bonanza / dark and heavy sentimental emotional journey that I call "story" This Is (NOT!) A Car Club - play the game! is not done, but you can play it anyway! Click the link again in a near or far future if you want to play the game when it looks, feels and IS better, a […]

Building a terrain engine for browser games (Games should start fast, and run fast!)

I got annoyed at how complicated gaming is. You need a powerful computer, you need to find a game, decide if you want to buy it, wait for it to install and maybe register an account, and THEN you can hopefully start playing. That's a 2000s PC desktop mindset that still rules gaming, which is weird b […]

I made a new soundtrack to The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time

Yes, I did. “But it already has a soundtrack?” you say. Yes, but I made a new one. I wanted to make music for video games, but how do you get someone to trust your abilities in doing it if you haven’t ever made music to a video game before? You start by making music to an existing game without […]