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Everything on the web has rounded corners now

If you're having trouble sorting through all the information on the internet and getting to the good parts, there is a simple solution: Don't visit the sites that have rounded corners everywhere. […]

My ambition manifest

1. Make big plans, bigger than everyone else makes. 2. Go against the general population. People in general don't have this level of ambition so you have to go against them. Don't let ANYONE change your idea. 3. It's impossible not to be affected by your surrounding, so change your surrounding so th […]

Thoughts about art in general

Here are some insights that may be interesting and/or (not) true: - Being immersed into a movie or a video of some kind, like when you get "sucked into" its world and story, is a binary setting: You're either totally immersed, or not at all. Fast-paced editing may grab your attention quickly, but sl […]

Art & entertainment

Entertainment is when you make something for other people to enjoy. It doesn't matter how many they are, and "other people" can also be yourself. You don't do it to get something back from them, only to give them something. Art is when you make something for the sake of itself. Art is similar to kno […]

Huff n Puff by Red Velvet, dancing & Steve Jobs

You know when you suddenly get the confidence to like something, without feeling like you have to calibrate it around the general opinion in order to not be "wrong" about liking it? I just had that experience with dance. It doesn't matter what "is" good, objectively, technically or statistically, I […]

Random thoughts about music

Here are some insights that are interesting but not true. - Songs that aren't great IMMEDIATELY (that have a slow intro, or are quiet the first two seconds) won't be super popular because people will skip them. - 50% of making a catchy chorus seems to be to make it a wall of bright sounds. The remai […]

Top 4 art forms

Top 4 storytelling art forms, based on their potential. So, music is excluded, because it doesn't tell you anything. It's just sounds and stuff. PLEASE don't send me emails about how music is indeed a storytelling medium, all country music fans reading this blog. Here is the list! 4. Movies They're […]

When things disappear from the internet (and: The Jun Togawa archive!)

Let me present a new website that I DON'T promise to maintain or update in any way (even if it would be good if I did): The Jun Togawa archive! It's a list of links to a bunch of Jun Togawa stuff, where the goal (that I ABSOLUTELY DON'T promise to fulfill) is to keep track of when the links die so I […]

What kbrecordzz will be

I was going to Oslo to see ODZ perform live, but in the last minute the show got cancelled via an SMS from the venue due to "unpredicted events". The music industry is dead, I thought, I'm glad I'm not making music and almost never goes to concerts anymore, I thought, next time I'm going to a concer […]

How to create, handle and kill complexity

While making my game I've learned some things about complexity and simplicity. I wanna make the game big while keeping it small, it should amaze, perplex and entertain the user while at same time have a small core of technology to make it bugfree and possible to understand (and by that possible to d […]

Note to self: Don't create from anxiety

I got stuck in some thoughts that are very easy to get stuck in: Anxiety over if people will understand and like what you create. Here are three quotes I like, that get me out of those thoughts so I can focus on just making cool things instead: […]

I want maximal variation in life, so I looked at JPG compression and how it works

This post's cover image is a mix of these 2 images (the Youtube thumbnail for "Wonderful World" by Ano, and "Holiday" by Girls' Generation): A while ago when I went through all K-pop music videos ever in the history of the entire world, I saved the videos I liked in my own bookmark system, which is […]

The kbrecordzz productivity journey

I've dabbled in productivity (getting as much good things done as possible in your short stay on Earth) throughout my life (the last year), but while "hustle culture" may inspire you in the moment you don't really want to live like that forever (unless you really do). Many tricks for getting more th […]

Where does Pharrell's confidence come from?

Where does Pharrell Williams find the motivation to make songs sounding like small boxes and soft balls bouncing on them? (That's how they sound!!) Maybe he just has uniquely large reserves of confidence. The kind of confidence that seems like it comes from nowhere. Some day, some random person from […]

Dancing is all about feeling the vibe

Good dancing isn't when you do the correct moves, it's when people can see that you care about what you're doing. That's why "But i can't dance" is a meaningless excuse because the only thing you need is all the confidence in the world, then whatever you do will look good. You're not bad at dancing, […]

The second wave of indie creation

Half a year ago I talked about how sampling is cool and speeds up creative work, while AI is also cool and can speed up non-creative work, and that these together lets you make cooler art faster which is a win-win that eliminates all "quality vs quantity" concerns inside your artist brain. Good art […]

$ATSUKI gives hope to an upside-down world

I listened to $ATSUKI’s song “????!”/“War” (ft. Lil Cherry) and I just felt that no one is themselves as much as $ATSUKI on this song. Speaking on that, when was the last time you were yourself? I made a remix of the song’s two version because I got such good energy from it: […]

AI and sampling end the “quality vs quantity” discussion for good

Remember when Daniel Ek (king of Spotify) said that musicians need to make more songs than they currently do to survive in the music business? I’m NOT interested in that statement, but I’m interested in how people reacted to it. They reacted like it’s impossible to make more stuff than they cu […]

Creating things that don’t exist yet – ft. Josef Fares’ attitude

I played the game “It Takes Two” with my friend, and realized that: This game is unlike all other games. So now you may wonder, did Josef Fares, the creator of the game, read any books on how to create games before making It Takes Two? No! ? “Well, I never read books on how to design a game. I […]

What is really timeless? ft. Kanye West’s tweets

Remember the 80s/90s/00s/10s? We were/looked/said so stupid! That’s because the “now” becomes the past after a while, and that shit (time) is scary. I don’t want that, I want to be timeless! And stop viewing the past as older times and start treating it like it’s a couple of events de-atta […]

How does Youtube look without comments?

Just like it usually does, but without the comments! But what’s interesting is that by turning off the comments on Youtube (which I did with this Chrome addon) the world pre-2000 comes back, where you can get away with saying whatever you want just because you have a media channel, because the vie […]

Trying to understand reality

Let’s face a current problem in the music industry: Musicians don’t make enough money. Or do they? And, do they even have to? A pretty normal, and contradicting, view coming from striving musicians is one where art is the most important thing to them and because of that they should be paid to ma […]

Launching my site in Japanese because of Japanese music

You can now read kbrecordzz in Japanese! https://kbrecordzzjp.wordpress.com I’ve written a lot about Japanese music on kbrecordzz.com, like Mami Yamase, SCANDAL (again), Seiko Oomori (again, again), Jun Togawa & Yapoos (again, again, again, again & again (the flagship of this site)), Wink, Zoomgal […]