Launching my site in Japanese because of Japanese music

You can now read kbrecordzz in Japanese! I’ve written a lot about Japanese music on, like Mami Yamase, SCANDAL (again), Seiko Oomori (again, again), Jun Togawa & Yapoos (again, again, again, again & again (the flagship of this site)), Wink, Zoomgals, Yoneko, hy4_4yh (again), 14th Generation Toilet Hanako-San, The Pink Panda, Rock-A-Cherry, YumiContinue reading “Launching my site in Japanese because of Japanese music”

AI and sampling end the “quality vs quantity” discussion for good

Remember when Daniel Ek (king of Spotify) said that musicians need to make more songs than they currently do to survive in the music business? I’m NOT interested in that statement, but I’m interested in how people reacted to it. They reacted like it’s impossible to make more stuff than they currently do, and ifContinue reading “AI and sampling end the “quality vs quantity” discussion for good”

Creating things that don’t exist yet – ft. Josef Fares’ attitude

I played the game “It Takes Two” with my friend, and realized that: This game is unlike all other games. So now you may wonder, did Josef Fares, the creator of the game, read any books on how to create games before making It Takes Two? No! 😀 “Well, I never read books on howContinue reading “Creating things that don’t exist yet – ft. Josef Fares’ attitude”

What is really timeless? ft. Kanye West’s tweets

Remember the 80s/90s/00s/10s? We were/looked/said so stupid! That’s because the “now” becomes the past after a while, and that shit (time) is scary. I don’t want that, I want to be timeless! And stop viewing the past as older times and start treating it like it’s a couple of events de-attached from time. I wantContinue reading “What is really timeless? ft. Kanye West’s tweets”

How does Youtube look without comments?

Just like it usually does, but without the comments! But what’s interesting is that by turning off the comments on Youtube (which I did with this Chrome addon) the world pre-2000 comes back, where you can get away with saying whatever you want just because you have a media channel, because the viewers don’t haveContinue reading “How does Youtube look without comments?”

Trying to understand reality

Let’s face a current problem in the music industry: Musicians don’t make enough money. Or do they? And, do they even have to? A pretty normal, and contradicting, view coming from striving musicians is one where art is the most important thing to them and because of that they should be paid to make it,Continue reading “Trying to understand reality”