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Everything on the web has rounded corners now

by kbrecordzz May 20, 2024 general thoughts, Internet

If you're having trouble sorting through all the information on the internet and getting to the good parts, there is a simple solution: Don't visit the sites that have rounded corners everywhere.

Rounded corners are everywhere on the web today, and they're not the reason for the decline of some parts of the web (read: social media/the "algorithm"/the attention economy), but they're a symptom of it. The reason behind the decline of some parts of the web is soulless big companies, especially the ones that profit on your attention, which is most social media today. And, it just happens to be that being soulless goes hand in hand with following the latest trends, and the latest web design trend is rounded corners. First I thought I disliked the rounded corners because they looked bad, but the problem turned out to be much deeper (rounded corners look neither bad or good, they're just a thing among others!). So if you see rounded corners everywhere, you're probably on a site that lives off of you and has no soul behind what content they put on their site. They probably also punish you for visiting them by shoving ads and popup boxes in your face, but so far it gives them money so everything is fine for them! There may be fun stuff on the site - that's why people are still there - but there is no soul.

So yes, use something else than Google if you want to find actually interesting things. Google has caught the rounded corners disease, which is an alarming sign for the default site of the internet for the last 20 years. It's a sign that they have no soul, so they won't have any soul behind what results they show. The internet may feel like an empty place for you when you've closed down these (soulless) sites that give you constant and instant entertainment without you having to think, but just wait and you'll find some better alternatives with soul behind them.

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