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Monthly Archives: January 2024

Jessica Jung's "Wonderland" - music video analysis and general admiration

When I researched SM Entertainment last year, I got into Girls' Generation, but I didn't write about them because I didn't want to confuse with too much information. So I focused on talking about Red Velvet. Red Velvet is a very weird group, but Girls' Generation is something different, they're like […]

What happens every 16.67 milliseconds of my game?

2023 is over, and as a farewell to the year and to the game creation project that took a majority of my time this year, I feel like I have no other choice than to tell you everything. About how every single frame of the game works. About how raw nerd text like this could evolve into something like t […]

Huff n Puff by Red Velvet, dancing & Steve Jobs

You know when you suddenly get the confidence to like something, without feeling like you have to calibrate it around the general opinion in order to not be "wrong" about liking it? I just had that experience with dance. It doesn't matter what "is" good, objectively, technically or statistically, I […]

Cowboys From Hell

Cowboys From Hell by Pantera may be my favorite album ever. It has always sounded magical, fresh and strange, both when I heard it in 2012, today in 2024, and back in 1990 when it was released. Everyone knows about the songs Domination, Cowboys From Hell and Cemetery Gates, but it's the less known s […]

Dark Gandalf tells you about This Is (NOT!) A Car Club - EPISODE 2

Dark Gandalf: Hey, comrade! Welcome to EPISODE 2 of This Is (NOT!) A Car Club! Here's a quick recap of what happened in EPISODE 1. Dark Gandalf: In EPISODE 1, you got to know the car club and its members. Dark Gandalf: You got a letter from the government threatening to shut the club down, which mad […]

Random thoughts about music

Here are some insights that are interesting but not true. - Songs that aren't great IMMEDIATELY (that have a slow intro, or are quiet the first two seconds) won't be super popular because people will skip them. - 50% of making a catchy chorus seems to be to make it a wall of bright sounds. The remai […]