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Monthly Archives: April 2024

Personality and wide appeal in fonts - Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire vs Pokemon LeafGreen

I'm not sure what to think about the font in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. The letters are too thin and high and too close to each other, both sideways and between the lines, and all letters have the same shape, so they look kind of identical boxes stacked after each other instead of different individual l […]

Top 25 albums

Some artists make collections of songs that they call "albums", and some artists make ALBUMS. If you view it like this, an album can become more than just a collection of songs. Then it's more like a movie, a book or a symphony, than it is like a 40-60 minutes long song. Sometimes it's the album as […]

My ambition manifest

1. Make big plans, bigger than everyone else makes. 2. Go against the general population. People in general don't have this level of ambition so you have to go against them. Don't let ANYONE change your idea. 3. It's impossible not to be affected by your surrounding, so change your surrounding so th […]

Thoughts about art in general

Here are some insights that may be interesting and/or (not) true: - Being immersed into a movie or a video of some kind, like when you get "sucked into" its world and story, is a binary setting: You're either totally immersed, or not at all. Fast-paced editing may grab your attention quickly, but sl […]

Art & entertainment

Entertainment is when you make something for other people to enjoy. It doesn't matter how many they are, and "other people" can also be yourself. You don't do it to get something back from them, only to give them something. Art is when you make something for the sake of itself. Art is similar to kno […]