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Monthly Archives: July 2023

How to create, handle and kill complexity

While making my game I've learned some things about complexity and simplicity. I wanna make the game big while keeping it small, it should amaze, perplex and entertain the user while at same time have a small core of technology to make it bugfree and possible to understand (and by that possible to d […]

Note to self: Don't create from anxiety

I got stuck in some thoughts that are very easy to get stuck in: Anxiety over if people will understand and like what you create. Here are three quotes I like, that get me out of those thoughts so I can focus on just making cool things instead: […]

The Pussy Method - my new method for creating computer programs

Programmers follow different religions when it comes to project management, and I felt the existing ones were lame so I created my own: The Pussy Method. (Tech humans, please name things more LIVELY than "agile" and "scrum"!!) The Pussy Method is a mix of the old "Waterfall methodology" (set a plan […]