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Finishing big creative projects

by kbrecordzz May 8, 2024 handling projects

Finishing a project is boring, because in this phase you aren't riding the wave of creativity and accomplishment anymore and you grow more and more tired of the project. And, you can't trust your own opinions on your project during this phase, because you're biased into caring about unnecessary details and ignoring important ones, from looking on your own project too much. So, learn to either push through the boring times with pure discipline, or turn the boring into fun by focusing on the process instead of on the result: Learning from the failures and challenges instead of focusing on getting a great result. That way the difficult and annoying parts become the whole reason to continue! And, learn how to get a clear view on your project and what needs to be done to finish it, by leaving your mind (which is blinded by itself) for a while and watching your project through someone else's eyes, either literally by asking others for opinions (they'll see things you can't see, but take them with a grain of salt), or by taking a break from the project and returning as a new person, or by walking outside and get answers from the stars. You're probably way too self-critical, so release your project before it's perfect. You wouldn't hate someone else's project just because it has 2-3 mistakes in it, right? Don't kill the project by striving for perfection, but also don't settle for anything less than great. Great does not equal perfect, in fact, great is better than perfect! Starting new projects is fun, so lower your enthusiasm for the starting phase and lower your boredom for the finishing phase, to get through the finish before you get lured into starting something new.

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