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Random thoughts about music

Here are some insights that are interesting but not true. - Songs that aren't great IMMEDIATELY (that have a slow intro, or are quiet the first two seconds) won't be super popular because people will skip them. - 50% of making a catchy chorus seems to be to make it a wall of bright sounds. The remai […]

Top 4 art forms

Top 4 storytelling art forms, based on their potential. So, music is excluded, because it doesn't tell you anything. It's just sounds and stuff. PLEASE don't send me emails about how music is indeed a storytelling medium, all country music fans reading this blog. Here is the list! 4. Movies They're […]

I love SM Entertainment

Last year I wrote a text about the best and most timeless K-pop girl groups, and later I realized that almost all groups I mentioned there are produced by the company SM Entertainment. It seems like they're the ones making the most creative and fun things in the genre. Many of the things that make K […]

Public Announcement - EPISODE 1 of This Is (NOT!) A Car Club is now released

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT I have finally released the EPISODE 1 of the game / screenplay / whatever This Is (NOT!) A Car Club: This Is (NOT!) A Car Club - EPISODE 1 The fullscreen button may not work for iPhone, for some reason, and the game may run at double speed if you have a monitor with high "refresh […]

When things disappear from the internet (and: The Jun Togawa archive!)

Let me present a new website that I DON'T promise to maintain or update in any way (even if it would be good if I did): The Jun Togawa archive! It's a list of links to a bunch of Jun Togawa stuff, where the goal (that I ABSOLUTELY DON'T promise to fulfill) is to keep track of when the links die so I […]

Who's That Bitch? - Interview with the guys from This Is (NOT!) A Car Club!

I managed to get a hold of some of the VERY busy main characters from This Is (NOT!) A Car Club, and decided to ask them a couple of flaming hot questions. And, Disonesty (real name: Germatologist Disonesty) also answered the questions even if I didn't ask her. […]

99 brand new characters - Or "Here's kbrecordzz' own Pokedex!"

Gotta catch CONVERSATE them all! You know when you have a deadline for your game and you realize that "Darn! I have to come up with 100 new characters until this Sunday!"? I know the feeling way too well. Well, here they are. Unfinished, unpolished, unpleasant. Some have the same image, other […]

Thoughts after watching one season of Scrubs

I watched one season of Parks and Recreation, one season of Community and one season of Scrubs, and both Parks and Recreation and Community felt like comedy TV series, but Scrubs felt like... just Scrubs. TV series often feel based mostly on dialogue, on people saying things to each other back and f […]




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