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Category Archives: Red Velvet

Additional thoughts about Red Velvet

8 months ago I said some things the K-pop group Red Velvet, and now I need to say some more things about the K-pop group Red Velvet. Last time I talked about how innovative they are, how nice Wendy seems to be, and how mysterious and paranormal Irene seems to be after I've watched funny compilation […]


Three years ago, Canadian “Memphis” rapper Freddie Dredd used Seulgi from Red Velvet as a cover image for his single “Witness”. It sparked life into some people that wanted to complain, and they even went so far as accusing Freddie Dredd of calling Seulgi “names”. Freddie disputed this, […]

Red Velvet’s songs confuse people until they love them

People really thought “Zimzalabim” by Red Velvet was a bad song when it came out. Even though it’s a great song! Isn’t that incredibly insane and weird?? That’s because with every new song, Red Velvet goes outside their comfort-zone to make innovative stuff, which makes people not understa […]