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Category Archives: programming

The Pussy Method - my new method for creating computer programs

Programmers follow different religions when it comes to project management, and I felt the existing ones were lame so I created my own: The Pussy Method. (Tech humans, please name things more LIVELY than "agile" and "scrum"!!) The Pussy Method is a mix of the old "Waterfall methodology" (set a plan […]

Don't keep it simple when programming?

When I play Rise: Race the Future, I crash into the "walls" beside the roads in the same frustrating way every time. They could have made more ways to physically interact with these walls but they made it simple by making them all work exactly the same everywhere. Creating a game is a bit like being […]

We need the Game Boy Advance user design on the internet!

Great user design is when there's no user design at all. Any user interface (buttons, menus or whatever) is one step too much between the user's wish and a result. Earlier I talked about making games that start fast, and I think the programmer John Carmack said something like (can't find the quote!) […]