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Launching my site in Japanese because of Japanese music

by kbrecordzz July 26, 2022 general thoughts

You can now read kbrecordzz in Japanese! https://kbrecordzzjp.wordpress.com

I’ve written a lot about Japanese music on kbrecordzz.com, like Mami Yamase, SCANDAL (again), Seiko Oomori (again, again), Jun Togawa & Yapoos (again, again, again, again & again (the flagship of this site)), Wink, Zoomgals, Yoneko, hy4_4yh (again), 14th Generation Toilet Hanako-San, The Pink Panda, Rock-A-Cherry, Yumi Nakashima & GO!GO!7188, Toriena (again), ELLene, First Summer Uika, HANABIE, NECRONOMIDOL, You’ll Melt More! and Chiaki Mayumura.

And I can’t justify not having a Japanese version of my site anymore! Why not please the Japanese population, if I can? Watch this map and see how few people actually live in North America and Europe. Almost everyone live in Asia! When I started kbrecordzz I went from writing in only Swedish to English and suddenly the world understood me. Knowing English gave me access to 1,35 billion people (of the world’s total almost 8 billion, source here) instead of 10 million swedes. That’s 17% of the world.

Light green = population per continent, dark green circles = population connected to the internet per continent (if you watch this map a few years in the future, the stats will have changed. Made from stats on internetworldstats.com Feb 2022)

17% of the world’s population is much, but it’s far from the whole world.

If you also learn Mandarin and Spanish 3/8 of the world are in your hand. One day, kbrecordzz should be available in all these languages.

I will add more texts to kbrecordzzjp.wordpress.com in a slow tempo whenever I have time. The translation (made automatically by DeepL) is impressive but may turn out wrong in various ways. In the end it should be readable. The progress of AI and automation technology lets me do things that would require a bigger team a few years ago, and I want to use that opportunity and leap into the future.

See this as not a promotion of my new site, but as a promotion of expanding into the world and looking outside your box. The world is bigger than you think!

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