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Weird things Jun Togawa do on "Dial y wo Mawase"

by kbrecordzz November 27, 2020 1990s, albums, alternative, Japan, Jun Togawa, pop, Yapoos

“Dial y wo Mawase” is a pretty mixed synth-pop album, held together by the many songs about spies and secret agents. In Men’s Junan (Men’s suffering) Jun Togawa threatens to commit ritual suicide by the famous sword “Kiku no Honzan”, and is overall a really wacky and horrific stalker (“I followed you all the way to the executive section, “I really like you!” Then I get dragged out by your coworkers, one of the secretaries laughs with rationality like beautiful flowers, fucking idiot, I lit her hair on fire with a lighter”), and even if this song in particular isn’t about detectives she dresses like one in the music video.

Men's Junan music video

Everything Jun does is in character so there’s no limits of how macabre she can be. Her lyrics are filled with melancholy, and even if she makes it cool with brutal and comedic descriptions of violence it’s all darkness underneath. In this album she is brutal in both literal and figurative ways, she brags about her weapons (“3, 2, 1, 0 (MURDER) with a Derringer, 3, 2, 1, 0 (MURDER) Beretta U92F”) and paints gross images (“this red flower watered with my flowing tears, and fertilised with my vomit, I’ll leave you this blood red carnivorous plant”), all in her own world of absurd fiction. Even if it’s all said to be made up, I wonder how much of it is actually based on real-life events and thoughts? Jun says that she doesn’t feel like home in the world and instead comes to life in songs and acting, which makes me believe “Fool Girl” is a rather personal song, and my instagram friend claims that the song “Hysteria” has a personal connection even thought it’s very outlandish and frightening. She also says that a lot of women are feeling a connection to Jun’s songs. Maybe she’s just speaking in ways everyone don’t understand. What she says is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea or in everyone’s understanding, but I’m sure a lot of people relate to even her weirdest words. Why else would she be so loved?

It’s actually insane how many songs Jun has written about secret agents and detectives. It’s suspiciously specific (time to investigate). “Mystery Guy” is a song about being in love with a dangerous man (“it seems like he’s hiding something from his past, this boyfriend with no job and no fixed address, he gets excessively mad at security cameras in banks”“this boyfriend that gets mad when you rub his back”) that makes me realize how very light-hearted and fun this album can be even with songs like “Hysteria” and “Red Tank” on it. It’s both very deep and very surface-level, and the quirky songs always get you on track after the more depressing ones, time after time. Musically it spans from punk rock to beautiful balads, and all songs are different from each others. “Gilgamesh” is pretty laid-back for being by Yapoos and on this album but is still one of the best songs.

Translation credits: https://juntogawaforever.w…tions/dial%20y/

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