Why I love "Punk Mushi No Onna" by Jun Togawa

December 13, 2020Posted in1980s, Japan, Jun Togawa, punk

“Punk Mushi No Onna” is a timeless song and no doubt Jun Togawa’s most hardcore moment. The growls sound futuristic, the 80s delay feel dated and the melody is timeless – even though it came 300 years before the song itself. “Probably the last thing Pachelbel thought his music was going to lead to”, says a Youtube user, and I’m also convinced this is what Pachelbel would have wanted. (Punk) Mushi No Onna comes in both a ballad and a punk version, and in a new shape for each live performance (and the punk version has never been studio-recorded). The quiet sadness of the ballad becomes raging devastation when it turns into punk, and the screams distort the sadness instead of becoming anger. This reminds me of the way metalcore bands took parts of metal and other genres to make personal angst-filled songs instead of singing about monsters, and in a way Punk Mushi No Onna is an early attempt of this way of using brutality to show grief and angst.

And it’s about turning into an insect girl:
“And so, as thoughts of you run through my head,
my body reaches the final stage of transformation
Moonlight in the frozen forest
Sipping sap, I am an insect woman”