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The name “14th Generation Toilet Hanako-San” says it all

by kbrecordzz January 28, 2021 14th Generation Toilet Hanako San, 2020s, Japan, metal, punk

As a person in constant search for weird eccentric artists, could I find more of a jackpot than a little girl who sings (screams) brutal hardcore, spits rotten food at audience members and is called “14th Generation Toilet Hanako-San”? No.

14th Generation Toilet Hanako-San (十四代目トイレの花子さん) is a 444 years old living dead, who got her harsh screams by breaking her neck when she became a ghost. This happened by a suicide in the bathroom at a building’s 4th floor, at 4:44:44 o’clock. Outside of this, she has a very informative website (UPDATE: or at least had, the site seems to be gone now) where she politely accepts emails from the public. On her site she also writes clear lists of exactly how she will ruin your venue with various food and liquor if you book her, and how she’ll clean it up afterwards together with the audience. She’s very nice and friendly for being an insane ghost girl. And yes, she does all of this herself without any companies backing her up. She just loves this shit.


A couple of golden lyrics extracts from her website, roughly google translated:

“Pregnant bitch’s internal organs are removed and death is the only effective anesthetic
The screams of rabbits without vocal cords are due to severe pain and fear of death.”

“Shake your head violently from top to bottom, using your whole body until your neck breaks and flies”

“Money is important Money is important
Money is more important than life
Egg Egg Egg Egg Egg Sandwich
Eggs Eggs Eggs Eggs are delicious”

And two videos of things happening.

Golden emails