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My 40 favorite Jun Togawa moments

by kbrecordzz December 13, 2021 Japan, Jun Togawa, lists

Since my Jun Togawa texts seem to go very well on this site, here’s another one! If you want Jun Togawa, you’ll get Jun Togawa. And since it’s also less than a month until 2022, the year Jun Togawa celebrates 40 years since her first album, I’ve compiled a list of my 40 favorite moments (and semi-moments) by Jun, presented in no specific order. Enjoy!

Here are the moments:

 When she steals a cat to help her promote her album “Suki Suki Daisuki” in 1985:

 Her dancing at the construction works in the “Men’s Junan” music video:

 When she slams the table and screams in her podcast. It’s in the immediate start and it’s also the only thing I understand from the podcast, because I am not Japan:

 When she convinced her label to let her do an album about menstruation:

“[…] Togawa recalls that the label executives proposed repositioning her as a conventional pop idol, but she was uncomfortable with the idea. “I had this concept in my head about female menstruation, so I said I wanted to do that.” […] “They told me it wouldn’t sell, so I was only given a small budget, and I had to produce it myself.”
(quote from a 2021 The Wire interview)

 Her legendary toilet commercial in the 80s:

 When she talked about her toilet commercials 25 years later on some Australian show:

 The absolute first drum on the “Suki Suki Daisuki” album (like, the first millisecond). I love that drum. Dwah!

 The second chorus of Suki Suki Daisuki in this live show (and the whole song!). The falsetto, the glasses, the whole thing!

 When she gets hit by a car in this music video/live video (not for real, it’s just a video):

The TV interview where she shows off her insect accessories (which I’ve already mentioned before in my Jun Togawa fashion top list):

 When she was a lobster:

 This over-the-top outfit from a 2000s live show (and why not this one too?):

 This angelic and heaven-like setting that I don’t know the context of:

 This early, incredibly punk and out-of-place sounding, version of “Punk Mushi No Onna”:

 This definitive and flawless version of Punk Mushi No Onna. Undoubtedly one of the most intense performances ever by anyone (I’ve written about it before):

 When she sings the lowest and highest note possible right after each other in “Densha de GO” (“電車でGO”):

 When she during the same show starts going crazy with growls (Yes, this particular live-show has a lot of list spots. This live defines Jun Togawa, even if it’s different to most stuff she’s done. The growls are as Jun Togawa as they get, but after this she barely does them in the same way ever again):

 “Junko to Junko”, the screaming-only song on the Jun Togawa/Hijokaidan album from 2016:

Listen to "Junko to Junko" on Spotify

 The dystopic minor chord in the end of this Guernica demo song. The song is fantastic, impossible to figure out the chords to, and you may need to listen to the whole song first to hear how good the ending is:

 When the golden “things” behind her on the stage drop down and the audience goes “OoOoh”:

 When she loses her words during a TV performance. I’m still not sure if the stutter is real or if she’s playing with us:

 When she meets a human-sized insect in the music video for “Konchugun” (“昆虫軍”):

 This out-of-the-ordinary live show where she’s joined by a whole symphony and is dressed as a nurse:

 The funny “eeeeeeee” sound with matching visual effects:

 Her New York visit. Maybe this isn’t a moment but more of a full-length video. If I have to choose a moment, let’s say when she landed on the airport and walked out of the plane before filming:

 This special TV live show including only french songs:

 When she cries in a music video because she has a knife in her leg (or maybe because she’s sad):

Link to Japanese video site

 The whole song “Nikuya no youni” (“肉屋のように”), which is about getting aroused by murder:

  “Honnou no Shoujo” (“本能の少女”) as the opening of her 1995 live show “HYS Noise”. Such strength in her voice despite a sore throat:

 When she did some great dance moves:

 When she showed her face to the world again in 2021 after a long time being absent from the visual world (THIS VIDEO IS GONE. I think it's a live clip):

 This clip, I “like” it out of context and I hope she’s only acting (THIS SEEMS TO BE GONE! But it's a video of her crying that may be called "Jun Togawa rehearsal" or something):

 “Hysteria” and “Red Tank” in this fantastic 1988 live performance:

 This super-good and one hundred percent 80s intro (starts at 6:33 into the clip):

 When she sticks out her tongue to the camera from far away:

 This interview/thing where she talks for very long and suddenly stops, followed by a live performance.

 All countless moments where she entered the stage wearing oversized butterfly wings:

 A couple of cute moments in this Alps/Tyrol inspired music video by Guernica:

 Unfortunately, the last moment is somehow lost media now (at least _I_ can't find it!). It's a short section of the movie “Paradise View”, where Jun quickly sits down on a chair, which makes a weird sound, while she also makes a weird sound with her mouth plus a weird movement, which all together at the same time sound surrealistic. You probably have to see it to understand, but I assure you it’s magic. The movie looks like this:

Up until recently, most of all Jun Togawa presence online has been by normal humans uploading DVD rips, albums and songs to YouTube, so thanks to all of you anonymous people! Without you no lists like this would be made and I probably wouldn’t even know about Jun Togawa. And, if you also could stop taking your stuff down, I would be able to finish the list with 40 spots instead of 38/39.5!

Here is an update on the whole "taking down videos of Jun Togawa from the internet without notifying kbrecordzz about it" situation.

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