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hy4_4yh – the most overly-Japanese group out there?

by kbrecordzz January 22, 2021 2010s, hip hop, hy4_4yh, J-pop, Japan

hy4_4yh (Hyper YoYo) is a weird group. They’re in a way like 80s rappers, but in Japan, in the 2000s, rapping mostly over Indonesian rave music (“funkot”). Or rock, or punk, or pop, or hiphop. They’re incredibly… like they are. Wearing cool hiphop hats, doing dope dances and signs, and screaming “Tickeeeee” and “Yavay!” (see footnote) all the time.

Let’s watch the music video for “Tickeee on the Beach”. In this, the girls constantly look like they’re about to explode. Why these extreme amounts of energy? Is there any purpose, except for just… having it? No one dares to not be happy when hy4_4yh is around, so maybe making people happy by being purposelessly happy is enough purpose for them. It’s very captivating to watch.

hy4_4yh - Tickeee on the beach

Their Spotify bio explains the high energy concept further:
“Their live performances, singing and dance which are really “hyper”, well elaborated compositions, and again “hyper” clown on the stage will bite all the audiences and won’t let them go. Now their “hyper” freaks are increasing day by day.”

“Tickeee on the Beach” comes in both a “normal” and a “funkot” version, which is weird because the original is a legit funkot song (funkot+funkot = ?). They just can’t get enough of that genre, I guess. Their DJ, “DJ Jetbaron”, only liked funkot ironically at start, but later grew into loving it. He makes insane beats and is a madlad, check out his Bandcamp and read about his view on funkot).

Tickeee on the beach!

The cover art for “Tickeee on the Beach” is pretty uncharacteristic for the song, like they stepped away from their weird concept to make another weird concept. Another of their songs has a cover art of two insects mating(?), and this song is surprisingly enough genuinely beautiful.

2013-2014 may have been the most freaky period of hy4_4yh. They weren’t always this eccentric, back in 2006-2007 hy4_4yh/Hyper YoYo was a pretty normal J-pop group, making great pop, rock, rap and ballads which really could fit several different types of listeners, nothing too controversial. But they snapped, and stopped caring about anything other than making stupidly crazy music. And everybody loved it!

Footnote: “It’s an adjective which means more than CRAZY, COOL and ILL.” – hy4_4yh

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