Why I love Jun Togawa’s view on love

December 29, 2020Posted in1980s, Japan, Jun Togawa

Suki Suki Daisuki is one of Jun Togawa’s most famous songs, and a gateway into her other creations. People find the song and like it, without understanding the lyrics (“kiss me, as if you’re punching me, until my lips bleed”, “say you love me, or i’ll kill you!”), and then they’re trapped. This was the case for me, and after realizing the shock value of a song I’ve also realized it’s got more values than that. Jun claims to have been in love for real when she wrote the song, and says the lyrics are based on true feelings. With these feelings she paints absurd pictures about violence and obsession, at all making a pretty extreme song, but still I can barely think of any more relatable depiction of love than Suki Suki Daisuki. Jun lets the listener laugh at how ridiculous love is by turning it into a caricature. “I’m not like that”, I think to myself as I witness Jun’s violence and control against men in the music video, but at the same time I understand her. The way she has to turn her most distasteful thoughts into a humorous song is very human, and while a lot of other songs take love seriously by letting a short moment in life make an impact like it’s the most important thing that has ever happened, Jun instead shows how weird it is by pushing the mindset to its limits.

“I was in love when I wrote this, totally, happily in love. And when I wrote it, I was also feeling a fierce greed for a love that would go beyond even this romance, I was feeling like ‘More!’, even though I was plenty happy. I was being told ‘I love you’, but I was like, ‘My love can’t be as simple as that!’”

Translation credits: https://juntogawaforever.tumblr.com/explaininglove