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My life changed after watching Chiaki Mayumura do this (synchronize the audience’s clapping)

by kbrecordzz December 30, 2021 2020s, Chiaki Mayumura, Japan

Watch this: Chiaki Mayumura ends a song, and starts a dance to match the audience’s clapping, probably just out of spontaneous fun. Then she does weird things to see how the clapping reacts, and when she finishes with three quick jumps, the crowd claps exactly like her jumps:

A clap

It’s perfectly in sync, it’s fast, it’s incredible. Everyone in the crowd understand exactly what to do at the same time, and they’ve probably never done this exact triple-jump-clap before. Is it impressive? I don’t know (there’s nothing to compare to), but it felt super impressive. And if you dig deeper into the Chiaki Mayumura world, you’ll find many more quirky moments like this. This is who she is and what she does.

Now, let’s talk about why Chiaki Mayumura is so great: Mostly because she’s always happy. Every single second! And isn’t that kind of the purpose of entertainment, to make people happy? An easy way to make people happy is by being happy. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that! But just because it’s non-complicated, doesn’t mean it’s easy, executing total eternal happiness without faking it may not be for everyone. But that’s where Chiaki Mayumura uses her powers, because she really seems to be that energetic joyful personality for real and not as a character.

A YouTube short video.

Another YouTube short video.

So, Chiaki is always happy, and therefore I’m happy that she uploads so regularly and often to her YouTube channel! Then I can get regularly infected by her energy, no matter if it’s through new songs, short snippets or live clips. She’s the kind of person who makes the world brighter by taking up space in it, and she isn’t shy about taking up space in it. Everything is as it should be! Chiaki’s content is there for you to enjoy through one single click, which is suspiciously generous, and maybe even a marketing effort. But marketing or not, the side-effects of seeing her happiness and getting inspired by it is still real.

Now I’ve focused a lot on Chiaki’s energy, but she’s more than that: she’s also a top hit songwriter and a unique artistic mind. She’s too many different things to fit into one article. So, short conclusion: She’s so energetic that you don’t dare to feel bad, she writes great understandable songs and she creates intangible nonsense. And all these three parts is her strongest skill. But since I can’t dig deep into more than one thing per text, it’s up to you if you want to learn more about the songwriter side of Chiaki Mayumura!

And if you weren’t sure about what kind of quirky girl Chiaki is yet: I clicked on a 100% random place in a live video and she did squats on stage. And if I didn’t convince you about her lively energy, watch this live performance (or any of her other live performances):

A good live performance.

Are happy vibes underrated? It’s simple, and as legit as an artistic expression as any other emotion, yet few uses it as powerfully as Chiaki Mayumura. She takes advantage of what she has and what she’s good at, and maybe without really thinking about it. Chiaki Mayumura is lovely and weird and happens to exist at the same time as us, which kbrecordzz.com appreciates and celebrates with a text!

Here’s a quote:

“I’m currently appearing in a program called “Bit World” (NHK), and I really like it. I really like it. It’s interesting for children to watch, and it’s also interesting for adults. When I came across this program, I thought, “There is something still alive! I wanted to do something like this! I wanted to do something like this! I wanted to do something like that! In the end, I want to become a Disneyland.”
    (Inteviewer asks why she didn’t choose Disneyland and instead chose music)
    Chiaki Mayumura: “I don’t know why. Music was the only means that came to mind. Surely, if you’re fascinated by Disneyland, you can just get a job at Disneyland, right?
    I don’t know why I chose music. But if I get a job at Disneyland, I think I want to be the person who leads Disneyland. So it would be best if I could be Walt Disney, but since Walt Disney is already there, maybe I am music.”
(auto-translated quote)

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