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Seiko Oomori is insane once again on "Kintsugi"

by kbrecordzz December 9, 2020 2020s, albums, J-pop, Japan, rock, Seiko Oomori

“Kintsugi” by Seiko Oomori starts as an “evening” instead of a “morning”, and Seiko talks about music being “a five-dimensional thing that can change the time axis”. Time has apparently inspired her writing for the album, and I guess it’s up to people like me and you to figure out how the music has been affected by this.

Seiko Oomori is depressing in a funny way, as always, but not all the time. Optimism slides in now and then (although you can never be sure if it’s going to stay), and I can’t decide if this album is hopeless or hopeful. Can it be both?? The album’s multifashion is also confirmed by Seiko’s website, which says it’s “a work that concentrates the sharp parts, dirty parts, and cute parts of human beings.”

“… I think that the more people break, the more beautiful they become. It feels good to break myself, so I decided to make only really bad songs (laughs)”

Seiko Oomori - NIGHT ON THE PLANET -Broken World-

The song “Night on the planet” comes in both Japanese (album version) and English (music video), and she appears as crazy in both languages. Her engrish mis-pronounciations and spontanious flaws give the lyrics an uncanny feeling, but her Japanese lyrics are actually as uncanny and hideous just as they are. She has her own absurd language and set of expressions, which is now available for the whole world to grasp.

What about the music? It’s great! It’s sometimes laidback. It has a dancepop song (reminiscent of the 90s, Basshunter and autotune, both current and old school), her usual pop/rock and some synth, and it’s musically, structurally and acoustically varied. I like when Seiko makes beautiful experimental over-the-top punk music, which we hear a lot of on Kintsugi.

I’ll end with a disclaimer of quotes being translated with Google Translate, including this both unrelated and related quote:
“Isn’t it entertainment that you can raise your hand without skepticism when you are asked to raise your hand live? After all, I want to make the live in a state where the heart that wonders “Why should I raise my hand?” Even when everyone is raising their hands, I want to leave something like “Do you really want to raise your hand?” I think that is the culture that I think of.” (https://realsound.jp/2020/07/post-592609_2.html)

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