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Why I love Seiko Oomori

by kbrecordzz November 12, 2020 2010s, J-pop, Japan, rock, Seiko Oomori

Seiko Oomori is fun and crazy, and I’m not sure if I should be her best friend or stay a few feet away from her. I was still unsure while watching her Youtube live, getting punched by her from inside a karaoke room on the other side of the screen. Seiko rarely stops entertaining, and can play melodic punk, progressive pop, lo-fi bedroom pop, indie rock, idol pop and ballads, with a full band, a guitar or only a mic, since she is bigger than her genres and surroundings. She makes slow love songs ugly with noise and screams, and fast pop songs sad with peaceful melodies, and they are always simple and powerful in several ways in a short time.

Seiko is a quote machine, with a weakness for being incomprehensible (“Make me shine, like shit”), morbidly relatable (“Preparing for sorrow is my speciality, I’ll eat foods that are soft and easy to throw up”) and hysterical (“If it’s realized that living isn’t fashionable I’ll probably die. Even then while crying I’m POSITIVE!!!”). She spits feelings and thoughts in a stream of conciousness, wearing her heart on her sleeve, speeding through all emotions between love and self hate, never seeming to run out of weirdness. How does she turn this excentric mess into pop?

“I think I’ll live at Disneyland. It’ll be my job to nitpick at normal kinds of happiness”.

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