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What kbrecordzz will be

by kbrecordzz September 3, 2023 general thoughts

I'm going to be those guys on the picture. Or not. Or kind of.

I was going to Oslo to see ODZ perform live, but in the last minute the show got cancelled via an SMS from the venue due to "unpredicted events". The music industry is dead, I thought, I'm glad I'm not making music and almost never goes to concerts anymore, I thought, next time I'm going to a concert it will be one arranged by me because clearly no one knows how to do it, I thought. I had got small signs that the music industry was dying for a long time, and this was the last clear sign that it actually IS dead. So I went to Oslo with no concert plans for the night at all instead. Still, I managed to stumble into a festival at the harbor where a great salsa band played, and I noticed how almost no one filmed the concert with their cellphones, people danced and everyone seemed happy. They were all there to listen to the music and nothing else. It was a situation without problems. This wasn't the music industry, it was just music, and obviously music is much better that way.

Anyways, the music industry is dead. I've noticed how obscure music I listened to 10 years ago is starting to disappear from the web, because no one is bothering to keep them alive. They remove songs like they're not important parts of people's lives. Same thing with canceling concerts like it's nothing, they do it like it's not a couple of thousand people's excitement for the weekend you're destroying. They don't care, and they get away with it because people forget. They care for the short term because it looks good, but when people stop looking they stop caring. Caring only about the short term is an accepted option in business that's not necessarily as bad for your wallet as for music, so you must have another direction in your SOUL to resist it.

A cancelled show some year ago made me write about artists who CARE, like Tyler, The Creator. One cancelled show later (this one) and the music industry, at least the western one, is 100% dead. Maybe it always was. It's the worst kind of business, the 1900s type of business. In the 1900s bosses could hide from the customers in a closed-off office and get away with anything, which meant "money before all else" worked. That doesn't work with small businesses where you know the business owners because you both live in the same town, and it doesn't work on the internet because you kind of "know" all the people you see on the internet every day. People are stuck in the 1900s even if it's over, and believe that evil businesses are okay because they are the only option that works, or that businesses are bad because they're evil by nature. This weird and not really true view of business makes many artists not wanting to be a part of it. It makes them believe in false dichotomies, and it makes them do either unnecessary compromises to "sell", or ignore some things in order to be "true" (that you actually don't need to ignore). They believe you have to abandon your soul to sell, so they either do that, or they believe the opposite too much and stop trying to create anything great and just do what they feel in the moment because that's more "authentic" and "true" than trying to make something people like.

The only important thing to think about is what's good and not. If art is put before all else that will be the only important question, and there won't need to be any compromises between music and industry, because everything is working towards the same goal, to make the most beautiful music! That's the music industry we need instead of the one we have right now. All the different fights I take against copyright, laziness, greediness (from both artists and companies) all seem to lead to the same thing: to put art before everything else. That is what kbrecordzz will be. kbrecordzz will be everything that's NOT being a venue that sends out an SMS about the show being cancelled due to "unpredicted events" one day before the show. Just imagine the opposite of that.

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