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Here's some stuff for you (as a present from me!). I like to create things, so these are some things that may, or may not, help you create things too.

My stuff:
* if you don't wanna wait to create - only CC0 assets
* a decent pixel art maker in PHP
* notes - For you who have your own web server with PHP. A simple note taking app who's strength is the extremely simple HTML that makes it work on all browsers on all devices without hassle. Its weak security is also one of its strength, because it makes it fast and stable (security means things have to get complex, and complexity makes things unstable...). See also: calendar

My old stuff:
* ascend!
* terrain

Footnote: I also believe that the best way to be productive and creative is to invent your own tools. So maybe it's better if you do that instead of checking out this list. I may write something about this in the future. Inventing stuff yourself means NOT following others ideas and ways (because they only take you so far, even if they may give you a head start at first. inventing your own ways makes your possibilities limitless, if you have the patience) and it's hard to give advice on that because the point is to make your own advice. But I'll still try to give some advice on it on some level.

My idea is basically: Invent your own tools specialized for only you. It will take time but you'll win that time back when your tools are blazingly fast because they only do what you want, both in the backend (the actual things it does "behind the scenes") and frontend (the user design). When you've done this for a couple of tasks, make them work together so you don't have to send files in and out of different tools but instead can have a central place for everything and eliminate the "export and import" bottleneck. Learn the Unix Philosophy, especially the idea that "text is a universal interface" (or, find another interface that is universal!), and use that to make your tools fast and stable and work everywhere. I've doubled down on raw text, HTML, Javascript, file formats like BMP, OBJ and CSV, and everything else that is readable as raw text, but what works at your place in the space-time continuum may be something completely different. My advice may sound very specific, but I think they apply well to most complex project where you have a lot of things that intertwine with each others and therefore create bottlenecks. In my computer-based world those things are files. And remember that productivity isn't a goal in itself, but I just think it's reasonable to get rid of all distractions that don't give you anything.