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Art & entertainment

by kbrecordzz April 9, 2024 general thoughts

Entertainment is when you make something for other people to enjoy. It doesn't matter how many they are, and "other people" can also be yourself. You don't do it to get something back from them, only to give them something. Art is when you make something for the sake of itself. Art is similar to knowledge, curiosity and insight, in how you're never supposed to reach the end, find the definitive answer, create your masterpiece or become the best. You just continue exploring.

When you think like this, feedback and attention become practical issues that you only use to understand how to create something better. Business also becomes nothing more than a practical method to fund your journey. And you'll never become a part of the deceiving world of celebreties making art and entertainment for a living, because the goal was never to lift yourself as a person up or become any kind of person in someone else's eyes. You're just the one who gets it done.

Entertainment makes art more easily understandable, and art gives entertainment depth. But the important part is that you do none of them for selfish reasons. You don't do it to get something out of it, except the joy in the process of making it and the art & entertainment itself.

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