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Note to self: Don't create from anxiety

by kbrecordzz July 20, 2023 general thoughts, creativity

I got stuck in some thoughts that are very easy to get stuck in: Anxiety over if people will understand and like what you create. Here are three quotes I like, that get me out of those thoughts so I can focus on just making cool things instead:

"What my player were complaining about was that the fog looked bad, so they wanted me to remove it. Once I make it look good, they no longer wanted me to remove it. This is a lesson that I have learned over and over again making this game, whatever your users say, should always be interpreted as "Look at this!""
(Quote by Eskil Steenberg)

"Most people were surprised to learn that one characteristic of the creative architects involves deferring decisions for as long as possible. Doesn't this make them indecisive? No! It simply means they are able to tolerate that vague sense of discomfort that we all feel, when some important decision is left open, because they know that an answer will eventually present itself."
(Paraphrased quote by John Cleese from the book "Creativity")

"Oh no, people don't seem to understand the weird intro I made for my game, I should make it less weird so they can understand it! No, here's a better idea: Make it MORE weird until it becomes interesting instead. Don't take the road everyone else think is reasonable, and not the one YOU think is reasonable either. Take the one that seems interesting and brave, there's much more out there waiting for you, more than what you can think of right now."
(Quote by me)

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