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by kbrecordzz April 10, 2024 general thoughts

Here are some insights that may be interesting and/or (not) true:

- Being immersed into a movie or a video of some kind, like when you get "sucked into" its world and story, is a binary setting: You're either totally immersed, or not at all. Fast-paced editing may grab your attention quickly, but slow-paced editing immerses you. You get immersed when it's more like reality and less like a produced product (like a commercial or a trailer). When the action suddenly stops, when it suddenly gets quiet, you get immersed. A good movie is the opposite of Tiktok, in all ways.

- Cartoons can be incredibly crazy and wacky without anyone judging them. Probably because they're often made for kids? If you make it to fit adults too, you can go outside the norm without people saying "this looks like a fever-dream!" just because it doesn't look and feel exactly like reality. Fiction is fiction, but adults can't comprehend too weird things.

- Another time I said that "the music I made ten years ago has aged much better than the lyrics I wrote to it". When it comes to timelessness, and -lessness at all, the order is probably like this, from most timeless, general and international to less timeless, general and international:
Music is timeless, because you don't need anything to understand it.
Pictures are almost as timeless, because you don't need anything except a general perception of things and objects to understand them.
All mediums containing text are less timeless, because they require knowledge of a specific language. The only thing that stands above this is Mario (yes you can play his games without reading, but there IS text in them!).
The most timeless thing of all is the sun. Every person ever knows, or knew, about the sun.
Music may be the most accessible thing ever, because of how everyone understands it, how you can listen to it both actively and passively, and how it needs no context at all to be put on. But it's harder to give it depth, compared to for example movies.

- Radio music made before the internet age (< 2010?) was much narrower than today's pop when it comes to what forms it could take. Max Martin made songs sounding like what he thought teenagers would like, and teenagers started liking it because it was the only thing they heard. It wasn't bad, but it was made for an imagined audience that maybe didn't even exist. The budget requirements were too high to make what you felt like without thinking about "the market". Today it's possible to be personal in pop music on a completely different level.

Signed, kbrecordzz

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