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My ambition manifest

by kbrecordzz April 18, 2024 general thoughts

1. Make big plans, bigger than everyone else makes.

2. Go against the general population. People in general don't have this level of ambition so you have to go against them. Don't let ANYONE change your idea.

3. It's impossible to not be affected by your surroundings, so change your surroundings to inspire you.

4. Don't think "I'm bad at this, it will never work", think "I'm bad at this, and I will learn how to do it" (first revision of this one was: Don't think "I'm bad at this, it will never work", think "I'm the best, and I'll find a way to do it")

5. Actually do it. Without the doing, it's just dreaming.

Once upon a time I wanted to start being a person who makes (or at least tries to make) incredible things, and so I invented these rules to be able to get to a place where I could be that person (I wrote an angry passage in this text that came out of this frustration). Now all this seems like common sense to me, like "isn't this how everyone thinks?" But it surely isn't. Make sure you aren't at the wrong place, around the wrong people and with the wrong thoughts inside your head, to be able to do what you want to do.

And then what? To leap forward as quickly as possible, I made sure to #1. only do one thing per day, #2. get done earlier than planned, #3. ask other people who know stuff before trying it out myself, and #4. trash ideas and start new on something different at ANY TIME.

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