How does Youtube look without comments?

March 30, 2022Posted ingeneral thoughts

Just like it usually does, but without the comments! But what’s interesting is that by turning off the comments on Youtube (which I did with this Chrome addon) the world pre-2000 comes back, where you can get away with saying whatever you want just because you have a media channel, because the viewers don’t have a channel for their critique. Without the comments I can watch an interview with Jimmy Fallon and start believing that Jimmy Fallon is an important person who knows his thing, because he is on my screen and that’s where I get all the information that creates my worldview! It wasn’t that long ago you either had to work for a large media company, start a large media company or work for the government to send information to the people, which feels weird today, because I have this website and it’s obviously better than all of them. And no, it’s not only the comments that differ Youtube & the internet from TV & newspapers (it’s also the fact that you can upload stuff!), but it surprised me how the harmless and generic Youtube comments actually are a huge part of a huge power-shift that affects everything (the power-shift of internet giving you the same possibilities as all big and small media companies + the government). Binge-reading comments, getting tired of them and turning them off to free my mind made me realize that I actually need them to understand that there’s a lot of good guys in low positions and a lot of bad guys in high positions.

Tip to get less generic Youtube comments: Sort by “Newest” instead of “Top”, every time I do it I’m reminded that people aren’t one-line:r machines with identical opinions, they’re actually weird and not the same.