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Where does Pharrell's confidence come from?

by kbrecordzz January 31, 2023 general thoughts, Pharrell Williams

Where does Pharrell Williams find the motivation to make songs sounding like small boxes and soft balls bouncing on them? (That's how they sound!!) Maybe he just has uniquely large reserves of confidence. The kind of confidence that seems like it comes from nowhere. Some day, some random person from some random town just out of nowhere decides to be the best in the world at something, then doesn't stop until they are. THAT kind of confidence. Or maybe he listened to an idol of his that told him (in a conscious or unconscious way) to have this confidence to be able to do what HE wants and nothing else. But, this person could NOT have told him to make songs out of small boxes and bouncing balls. That one must have come from himself. Maybe that's what TRUE GENIUS is. And, whether this state of mind is something we all can reach, or only a few chosen ones, is unclear. But I feel that this song is Pharrell's way of telling ME to have his kind of confidence for whatever I want to do in life.

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