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$ATSUKI gives hope to an upside-down world

by kbrecordzz August 12, 2022 $ATSUKI, general thoughts

I listened to $ATSUKI’s song “이랴이랴!”/“War” (ft. Lil Cherry) and I just felt that no one is themselves as much as $ATSUKI on this song. Speaking on that, when was the last time you were yourself?

I made a remix of the song’s two version because I got such good energy from it:

$ATSUKI x Lil Cherry Remix - SOUNDCLOUD

No one told $ATSUKI to be like this, she just decided to be it and then she was it. She follows her own mind and no one else's, which requires a lot of effort. People in general kind of want you to be like them, and it doesn’t matter if that’s good or bad! “Weird = bad” is ingrained in the human brain more than “bad = bad” because we have a group mentality where agreeing makes us calm and disagreeing makes us stressed, and it’s easier to live an calm life than a stressed life, and people will generally do what’s easier even if there are exceptions. So, the world is kind of upside-down. How do you know that anything anyone says is true, if people mostly follow others and not facts? Few say what they think, or think what they actually think, they just follow others. This may be a naively obvious thought, but I’m actually getting increasingly surprised every day by how few people actually are themselves and follow their own brain.

People generally don’t even like ambition! Isn’t that weird? No one would say out loud that ambition is bad, but try being a bit more ambitious than people expect, and then a little bit more again, and see how people react. When you see a headline about Kanye West doing something extremely stupid, do you think that’s the first time media bashes him? No, they went for him exactly as hard when he just had different opinions and said them loudly, when he just presented some different ideas very loudly, and when he just wanted to become a fashion designer and talked loudly about it. Don’t you think it’s weird how people say he’s “off his meds”, like his personality isn’t one of a real functioning human, mostly because he doesn’t behave like the majority of people? People like when you’re ambitious, until you’re ambitious in a different way than usual! People are okay with you being weird, as long as you’re weird in the way they like! Deviate more than that and you will see people’s open minds stop functioning in real time. People are always open-minded for weirdness, until it’s too weird, then hate lies very close to hand.

All the people I write about on this site who go their own way inspire me to do the same. For every new unexpected person I find it becomes increasingly obvious that the world is bigger than I previously thought. And that it’s more fun to add information to the world than watch it pass by. No one before $ATSUKI was like $ATSUKI, and I’m happy she’s not holding back on expressing herself. If she so easily shows the sides of her that could be seen as crazy, why don’t I? If you just adapt to being called “crazy”, you can start doing great things. Then nothing will be impossible. Otherwise, maybe 35% of all things will be impossible, and it’s only because you listened to what other people told you (be like Zack De La Rocha or be like BBC, you decide):

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