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240519:, the new 3 dimensional website / game portal. need to put my story into fruition and release a new episode soon.

240516: i need other people to be able to make better things

240515: getting rid of embarrassment (the bad kind).

240514: slapstick humour, and relationships. need to put some time away from productivity to try out and learn some new things

240512: figuring out the differences between men and women. emotions are emotions and have to be dealt like emotions and not like engineering problems? maybe. i found Juliana Chahayed, she seems to have star power, and is very beautiful.

240510: being a director. as always.

240507: pre-directing. not done yet

240506: ikväll: få klart outline för första avsnittet. någon karaktär till behövs? eller ta bort några. beskriv varje FREEROAM CUTSCENE osv som ska skapas. sedan skapa avsnittet under en vecka. skriv! gameplay är tröskel först. testa direkt

240503: focusing more. too much things are fun and i can't do them all because then none will be done well. weekend: write story, directly into the game. come up with ideas, write chapters for the best ideas, spend 3h in a go writing into the game (this is the task that takes time). this will work.

240502: fewer notes. more in head. equals less to manage. only put new things i don't understand or don't remember yet, in notes. get story plot done (biggest threshold, biggest impact), then write everything (everything else will come out of what i write, so only focus on writing).

240501: some kbrecordzz stuff. then programming new weird things into the game. (back to the garage, for a while, or for long??)

240429: back to the drawing board. back to "the garage"

240426: fun story. characters' relations to each other. put them in funny & good situations. think of ideas, write down good ones, make it work directly without 1000h of trial & error. ideas exist, choose the ones that are good, and choose the ones that both are good and fit together and turn it into a thing.

you can't think about all problems. if you don't think about all, your head will be clear enough for you to understand which 2-4 problems actually need to be solved, and then think about them

240424: simplifying my servers. so everything else becomes easier

240422: you have to look towards another direction, and not be limited, scared or nervous.

240419: getting to the core of my notes. 1000 shit notes are actually 25 good notes, after sorting them, deleting them, rewriting them and connecting them to each other.

240418: understanding my tool(s). tool(s) are needed to accelerate everything else.

240417: throwing away confusing notes. even if they have something interesting in them, the clarity of having them removed is worth more. new good things will come up in the free space that they left.

removing thresholds for making the next game. reusing old stuff, developing new things only where really needed, and only a few of the things i want to develop. This Is (NOT YET?) A Car Club

240416: focusing

240415: finding new surprising connections between things

240413: focus is saying no to 100 good things - Steve Jobs??

240406: minimizing my server so i have to pay less for it. i can make it equally good for less price with smart mind.

240403: custom shader! now i can make more detailed graphics!!

240325: intro

240324: notes

240323: Pokemon LeafGreen

240322: Lil Adele & Baby Gandalf

240321: Fastly. created world (Tjörn) for next game ("Heist of Egg"?).

240320: Pokemon Ruby? every time i try to use Cloudflare for something i quickly realize why i don't use Cloudflare for anything.

240319: Tier 1 ISP

240318: ISP

240317: writing text for about this (and next?) year's goal. reading about IXP:s

240315: multimedia conglomerate

240314: reading about becoming an ISP (internet service provider)

240313: G.I.R.L.

240312: DNS (Cloudflare?)


240308: Golden Emails diary no longer comes out every day. It will come out when I feel like it!

240305: DNS is the key to success

240304: whatever

240303: redundancy

240302: trying out Github Pages. designing G.I.R.L. (my Global Intergalactic Raceway for Live entertainment).

240301: learning. i'm basically going a KTH (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan) course during my freetime, through PDF:s on the internet...

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