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Deleted scenes from my game

by kbrecordzz October 22, 2023 my own works

I had the idea that my game's characters Dark Gandalf, Adele, Daddy and Hårass would - besides running an illegal & secret underground car club - have a weekly "discussion club" where they talked about society, ideas and science, etc, that would mostly just turn into a forum for Dark Gandalf to spread communism. Shelf (the player character) is also a part of the club but only has two lines confirming what the others say. Yeah, this idea is from before the player character had a real personality and was just a hamster in a car. I probably won't use these dialogues in the game, except for maybe putting it as a "deleted scenes" gag in the end. Or who knows, maybe I'll change my mind and use them? Regardless, here is The Discussion Club in the form of dialogue text for you to enjoy/hate.

Meeting #1:

Daddy: Welcome to the Discussion Club.
Hårass: I have a question. What's the meaning of life?
Daddy: The meaning of life... Good question... Well, first of all, what's the purpose of the meaning?
Dark Gandalf: Could it be to live freely and also still have your material posessions controlled by the state?
Hårass: No, i think the meaning of life is to be a hard worker and pursue happiness.
Daddy: None of you are correct! The meaning of life is to create art.
Hårass: No, you're wrong.
Dark Gandalf: No, YOU'RE wrong.
Hårass: I think the meaning of life is nothing. We just ARE.
Daddy: Now we have talked about nothing for five minutes, have we gotten any interesting results from it?
Hårass: No!!!
Daddy: Then I conclude this a successful session of the Discussion Club.

Meeting #2:

Everyone puts on a fedora each, Daddy puts on a fedora on top of his fedora.
Daddy: Welcome to the Discussion Club!
Dark Gandalf: Guys, listen. Shouldn't we just restart it all?
Adele: Restart the club?
Dark Gandalf: No, restart civilization!
Adele: What
Hårass: You know what, I think civilization kind of works. Like, it rolls on.
Daddy: Yes, I also conclude that society works! Nothing to fix here.
Dark Gandalf: No no no, you don't get it. We have to start again from scratch! With everything!
shelf: I also think society works
Dark Gandalf: *sigh* What has happened to the youth? Where's the REBELLION? The FIGHTING SPIRIT?
Adele: I just want cars and soda
Hårass: Dark Gandalf, sometimes you have to relax and choose happiness. Everything doesn't have to be a problem.
shelf: Word.
Daddy: ... And that's it! Thanks for randomly rambling about nothing! This was a very seccussful Discussion Club!
Daddy: Next week: Why does my movie script still only have 12 views on ScriptIt?
Adele: Why am I in this club

Meeting #3:

Daddy: Welcome to the Discussion Club. This week, I would like to discuss movies.
Daddy: Everyone working with movies are a bunch of bastards, they don't even read my scripts and I despise them.
Dark Gandalf: You seem bitter today, Daddy. Did something happen?
Daddy: *sigh* I should just give up... I could as well start directing pornography or something.
Adele: Pornography? What's that?
Dark Gandalf: Oh, come on Adele. I watch porn on the dark web all the time! You mean you don't do that as well?
Daddy: You really don't know what pornography is?
Adele: Ah, you mean gym porn, the hashtag!
Daddy: No... It's like, persons doing things in rooms. It's like a video picture of naked men.
Dark Gandalf: Naked women?
Daddy: Yeah, what did I say?
Adele: I'll google it.
Adele: *googles it*
Adele: Gasp!
Adele: Ok guys why did no one tell me about this earlier??
Dark Gandalf: Adele, you're still on the browser tab with gym equipment on sale.
Adele: Oh you're right. I'll search for it for real now.
Dark Gandalf: Next topic: Did you know the average person is more stupid than the average?
Daddy: Oh is that true? So cool, but I kind of have to go now.
Daddy: I conclude this a very successful Discussion Club meeting!
Hårass: Next time I want to talk too!!!

Meeting #4 (in Swedish!):

Dark Gandalf: jag byggde en ny civilisation lite snabbt. Kolla nu, så här kan man köra runt i den! *kör runt i sin nya civilisation*
Adele: okej coolt men var är brudarna?
Dark Gandalf: adele vill du skriva lagboken? Jag tänker vi ska ha typ sju lagar
Dark Gandalf: och hårass du kan va polis och shelf du kan vara invånare och sen...
Dark Gandalf: det här kändes bra i mitt huvud igår kväll men nu börjar jag tveka lite på idén
Daddy: vad gör det till en civilisation? Räcker det med att det är något som... finns?
Dark Gandalf: levande människor, hus, kommunism.
Adele: Vi har väl inte kommunimism i vår värld?
Dark Gandalf: nej o vad är det för civilisation att snacka om?!
Adele: vad är en civisation?
Hårass: stad typ!
Adele: säg det då
Dark Gandalf: stad med kommunism
Daddy: fortfarande nej, dark gandalf...
Adele: kommunimism... varför är ord så långa? jag glömmer alltid början när jag kommer till slutet
Hårass: exakt. ord är alldeles för långa: Kommunism, civilisation, socialism, solidaritet,
Dark Gandalf: mhm!! så ska det låta!! *njuter*
Hårass: , kapitalism, entreprenör,
Dark Gandalf: nej men vad säger du, sluta säga såna fula ord!
Hårass: jag menar att långa ord är svåra att förstå, och att det är mycket bättre med korta ord, exempelvis: pee, poo, shit, cunt, ass,
Dark Gandalf: nu börjar det likna nåt igen
Daddy: Tack för dagens möte. Vi kom återigen inte fram till något.
Dark Gandalf: Superlyckat!

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