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Dark Gandalf tells you about This Is (NOT!) A Car Club - EPISODE 2

by kbrecordzz January 3, 2024 my own works

Dark Gandalf: Hey, comrade! Welcome to EPISODE 2 of This Is (NOT!) A Car Club! Here's a quick recap of what happened in EPISODE 1.
Dark Gandalf: In EPISODE 1, you got to know the car club and its members.

Dark Gandalf: You got a letter from the government threatening to shut the club down, which made you anxious and scared.

Dark Gandalf: You and Daddy ended up in a blue wonderland and met a shark.

Dark Gandalf: And lastly you all chilled in my hot spring, trying to think of better things. Some of you kind of succeeded with it...

Dark Gandalf: And that's where we're at right now. Click here if you dare to step into the REAL EPISODE 2...

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