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This Is (NOT!) A Car Club

by kbrecordzz October 14, 2023 my own works

Hi, website!

My game / comedy bonanza / dark and heavy sentimental emotional journey that I call "story" This Is (NOT!) A Car Club - play the game! is NOT done, but you can play it anyway! Click the link again in a near or far future if you want to play the game when it looks, feels and IS better, and maybe even finished. It's about cars and... things, I think.

I've also made three "fun" pages that will update as the game changes:
- How the code works
- Images used in the game
- Sounds used in the game

The plan is to let everyone in the world use the game's code, images and sounds for their own projects, but I have to clear the rights first. I purposefully use only CC0 (Creative Commons 0) licensed material, but in case some differently licensed material has slipped through, I need to check everything before I say "go!! use all my material without consequences!" (don't copy out of its context please...).

Some info about how I'm creating stuff for the game:

Character images are made mostly by AI generating at lexica.art (old post), then turning them into pixel art by making the image smaller and giving the character a black outline, and then manually editing small changes, mostly making their faces look good.

Ground texture images are mostly made by mixing different images in weird ways until it looks like something with natural variation, which real ground usually has. The patterns in the image don't need to resemble anything real, as long as it's green and brown (or other colors depending on what nature type I'm going for) and looks somewhat similar to ground. So I usually go nuts with the editing. There may be 30 images behind the one you see above.

Sound effects are made mostly by searching for fun stuff at freesound.org, mixing different sounds together, and often making them shorter and "snappier". Because that make them feel uplifting, I think.

Music is made by me procrastinating doing it.

Old posts about the game:
The terrain engine
Ambitious visions

Golden emails