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My Quarterly Report of Q1 2021 – Part 2

by kbrecordzz April 17, 2021 2020s, My quarterly report

Read Part 1! Since too many videos confuses a post I divided My Quarterly Report into two parts. This one is just as wild as Part 1 (if you thought it was wild at all). Here are some more things from the first quarter of 2021 that I enjoyed:

Japanese pop duo Elleene made a song:

Japanese chiptune/pop artist TORIENA made an over-the-top song:

You may have heard of the K-pop group Blackpink, the second biggest music group/artist on Youtube. Here is one of their members (Rosé) going solo:

Pewdiepie made a disstrack towards the kids Youtube channel “Cocomelon” (only available as a shared file)

Country by Ainsley Costello:

Post Malone went country for one night and I love it. He also went Pokemon.

Now: Look forward to the rest of 2021, who knows how it will be. Maybe wild!

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