My Quarterly Report of Q1 2021 – Part 1

April 16, 2021Posted in2020s, My quarterly report

What’s good in 2021? Which subcultures are on the rise? What genre is the most prominent, and where is the most fresh music created? I don’t know, it mostly seems to be random. Here’s some stuff I’ve enjoyed from the first quarter of 2021:

Frej Larsson‘s cyphers/freestyles. Swedish rap including a couple of great rappers that I’ve never heard of. The one in the video below, and these two.

Baby Queen:

This badass song and video by Bunily. Where is this awesome house and why is she there? I must ask her and find out. Bunily is also a member of the group Burst Girl. Here is a bonus Japanese pop metal song by another group.

Akkogorilla – Tokyo Banana 2021. Japanese hiphop.

Poppy, the pop artist that went heavy metal in 2020, has now started screaming from the bottom of her lungs, which makes me happy and thrilled.

Lili and her unusual K-pop song:

Stay tuned for part 2 of My Quarterly Report for 2021-Q1. It’s going to be wild (if you thought this one was wild).