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My Quarterly Report of Q3 2021

by kbrecordzz September 25, 2021 2020s, My quarterly report

Time for the quarterly report! During Q3 I have used my time to play video games, so there aren’t as many music picks here as usual. But the ones I’ve found are guaranteed to give you a good time, at least if you’re the exact same person as me (which you are).

Music that has made me feel good during Q3:

CL - SPICY (Feat. Omega Sapien, sokodomo, Lil Cherry)(Remix)

CL bringing the hottest spice from Korea! She gives us both a k-pop standard hit with nice dancing and a cool gang version of the same song.


BLACKSTARKIDS made a good rap song with a lot of reverb.

ESN - Highest In The Game (Eastside Ninjas - Twiztid - Blaze Ya Dead Homie - Anybody Killa)

Twiztid has recently released a metal album (even if they’re a rap group??!), but this is something else: a really nice posse cut in the style of hip hop, on top of what looks like a car parking roof.

ano - F Wonderful World

Ano, who is a former member of the group “You’ll Melt More!”, makes a few songs and all of them are good.

Kuroitori - TORA

Ai Nakagome (known/unknown for making covers on Youtube for ten years ago) makes cool goth/rock songs in the duo Kuroi-Tori, who has recently released an EP.

Haru Nemuri - Old Fashioned

When the drums hit and the guitar came in, I immediately knew this would be a banger. A really nice song by Haru Nemuri.

TORIENA - Judgement baby

TORIENA released the album “TORIENA makes me smile”! Energetic rave music. I wrote about her whole career earlier.

ABBA - Don't Shut Me Down

ABBA is back, bitch!

Now, let’s look forward to the Q4 report, which will include a summary of the whole year! For what I know now, 2021 has been a good year, which every year can be if you’re allowing yourself to believe it (and don’t get any chronic illnesses).

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