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My Quarterly Report of Q2 2021

by kbrecordzz July 5, 2021 2020s, My quarterly report

Half of 2021 has passed! These are the music pieces that have created the most good vibes during the second half of the first half (Quarter 2) of 2021. No particular movements have flourished, no eras have ended or begun, and no patterns can be found. Here it is:

Redman – 80 Barz. The 80s are back, and Redman is old and fresh:

Kitok – EPA-traktor. Everything Nacke wants to be:

Minami Nakamura (なかむらみなみ) livestream. 100% energy and creative live settings:

BAQABO – SHAMBA LA BIBI. Cool and hard-to-define music from Zanzibar:

Harry Mack + Marc Rebillet live. Mad brain freestyle rapper + freestyle rapper that raps a lot about asses and sex:

ODZ – MOV_200. A freestyle by ODZ, one of few Swedish rap groups that hold international standards:

Honorable mentions:

Akkogorilla (あっこゴリラ) – I’m Here:

MAD JAMIE – Shout the fxxk up:

Poppy – EAT (NXT Soundtrack) – it’s a whole EP:

Seiko Oomori – +゜*。:゜+(*´∀`*)+゜:。*+ぴかりんFUTURE+゜*。:゜+(*´∀`*)+゜:。*:

SCANDAL – Ivory (アイボリー):

Pete & Bas:

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