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Rebellious trap metal artist $ATSUKI is back with an album about Jesus

by kbrecordzz January 30, 2022 $ATSUKI, 2020s, albums, Korea, rap, trap metal

Six months ago, the Korean rapper $ATSUKI made music like this (read more about $ATSUKI’s old music here):

A song by $ATSUKI

Now she’s like this:

Smiling, happy and practicing religion directly on her Instagram account! What happened? What happened to $ATSUKI’s extreme trap metal aesthetic and music? She found Jesus. When I heard the news, I got afraid this was the end of $ATSUKI. She regretfully stated on her Instagram story that she was done with “that devil-worshipping music”, so I thought: The artist $ATSUKI is no more. (Even if it could be the start of something for the person behind $ATSUKI) But… I loved “that devil-worshipping music”! $ATSUKI’s dark style, raw depiction of emotions and carefree attitude was something else, and her 2020 mixtape “I소환식” was some of the punk:iest music I’d ever heard! But everything comes to an end… No more punk $ATSUKI, no more angry, ruthless and screaming $ATSUKI! Now: Wholesome vibes, regret and only living in favor of the Lord. Or at least that’s what I thought, until $ATSUKI recently released a new album full with dark heavy bangers, guttural screams and large amounts of vocal fry!! Yay!

Here’s a song from $ATSUKI’s new album “JESUS SAVED $ATSUKI”:

There are several more good songs on the album.

Her old style is (kind of) back! And it’s not $ATSUKI going back to her roots, no, this is some new type of Jesus trap, where she literally screams “fuck hell, fuck satan” on the most hellish beats of 2022. A wonderful clash between “old” $ATSUKI’s rebellious, immature and obnoxious elements and her new, totally opposite messages (mostly about Jesus). I didn’t know it was possible to be such a dark christian, and I didn’t know it would be so good. $ATSUKI is real punk artist, and those always change because nothing is less punk than acknowledging and following your own standard templates. I think these kinds of artists are the most interesting to follow, and I appreciate both the current version of $ATSUKI who screams about Jesus and the old version of $ATSUKI who screamed about everything (few things get me going as this intro does). After having listened to all $ATSUKI songs half a year ago, I understood she’d make interesting stuff in the future, and I was right, which “JESUS SAVED $ATSUKI” is a clear proof of. Now, let’s hope the trend continues! JESUS SQUAD FOREVER.

(I thought it was a joke at first. Seeing the normally very metal $ATSUKI post sunny pictures of her smiling in the grass felt a bit “Look how out-of-place a trap metal artist look when they’re placed in a bright and happy environment!” But her new life direction was true! She may be changed forever, and after reading her lyrics I believe it’s for the better for her. And I must say, preaching Christianity while still having a satanic pentagram on your neck is incredibly cool. Right now, we live in a small window of time when $ATSUKI is thousand things at once, both bad and good, both loudly angry and religiously forgiving, and mixing it all together into unique art. It’s always more interesting to be two opposite things at the same time than only one of them.)

$ATSUKI on Instagram

The album “JESUS SAVED $ATSUKI” on Spotify

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