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Red Velvet’s songs confuse people until they love them

by kbrecordzz April 26, 2022 K-pop, Red Velvet

People really thought “Zimzalabim” by Red Velvet was a bad song when it came out. Even though it’s a great song! Isn’t that incredibly insane and weird?? That’s because with every new song, Red Velvet goes outside their comfort-zone to make innovative stuff, which makes people not understand them and call them “weird” at first, until the songs become immortal classics whereupon people come crawling back. Red Velvet is always a step ahead of the world, always a bit cooler and daring than the rest.

Dumb Dumb

But their songs are weird. Just listen to their instrumentals! What genres are they even? I can’t even figure it out after listening 50 times, but if I listen to them 50 times they’re at least GOOD. Good innovative music makes you say “What is this?” instead of “This is good”, which is weirdly a pretty good indicator on what’s a good song. Red Velvet dares to create risky and interesting things and put art before money. Or, they understand business and know that being risky and interesting can benefit them in the long run. In either way, they put fear at the bottom of the priority list and confidence in the top where they belong, because fear is unattractive and confidence is sexy!

Wendy’s personality, according to kpopstarz.com

And, Red Velvet’s Wendy seems to be the nicest and kindest person. Just giving people stuff all the time and being their mom. For a short moment I started to think being cynical was cool (because it’s so raw and honest?) but then I saw Wendy and realized: Nah, being like Wendy is the shit! That’s the thing with all the promotional material (interviews, livestreams, funny clips, …) around K-pop: It’s not only promotional material, it’s also a shortcut to the insights and feelings you otherwise get from the music. Red Velvet’s music is all about the bright and happy vibes that take over the place in your mind where your sad thoughts used to live, but I also truly understand and connect to those vibes when I see Wendy just being Wendy, which immediately inspires me to take action in my own life. Art is for expressing ideas and emotions but you can also just… be a person to do that.

proof that irene is not one of us

I also like Irene, because she is mad at hitting bulls-eye, drawing geometrically perfect circles and seems to be paranormal and stuff. She has a mystical aura and is not human. She can sense when books are about to fall from their shelf. Silences whole crowds with one “shh” when she doesn’t like them cheering. She’s one of few artists (along with her other group members) to having performed in North Korea, where she got applauded for breathing, and she’s also somehow Kim Jong-Un’s favorite K-pop artist even though Kim Jong-Un hates K-pop. This plus her quiet and reserved vibe makes her mystical, except for when she now and then suddenly bursts into a loud laughter. Red Velvet has a high amount of “resting bitch face” (40%) and seeing such people give up their stubborn face for a smile/laughter is one of few true beautiful moments, because you only see that kind of real happiness in people who’s usual trademark is looking mad. Everyone else are faking it.

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