Jisoo is the most attractive K-pop singer

April 5, 2022Posted inBLACKPINK, Jisoo, K-pop, Korea

A short background if you don’t know who Jisoo is: BLACKPINK is the world’s biggest girl group and Jisoo is one of their four members. She’s talented and wholesome and when such a person gets to influence the world through fame we must celebrate it, and that’s why I write this!! Jisoo is super-charming, which obviously made me like her, but I also recognized that I liked her a lot more than all other super-charming people. Why? Is Jisoo more super-charming than others? Not necessarily. But she has something that many others don’t have: Confidence.

Not confidence as being cocky. Confidence as being calm. I’ve reviewed a lot of other people on this site, and what I usually like about them is their uniqueness: How they think, say and do unique things, how their minds are wrapped in other ways than normal which makes them quirky and surprising, which makes me happy and curious because I get to see new things (Because what would the world be without new things? Nothing! Time would literally stand still because without new things happening nothing would exist!). That’s pretty much this whole site’s message described in one sentence, and that’s what I thought was the most attractive feature in the world. Until now! Because what’s behind a person with a quirky mind? The confidence that makes them dare to show it to the world. And that’s the actual most attractive feature of anyone ever in the world.

I wrote this tweet a while ago about Jisoo because I was awe-struck by her personality and how she seemed so cool in all different kinds of roles:

Now I understand that I was struck by her calm confidence. Not by the fact that she shows many different sides of herself, but by the fact that she’s totally non-anxious about showing any of them. Imagine a person who’s anxious about everything. Who lets fear define them and never follows their dreams or stands up for anything. Pretty boring. Now, picture the opposite. Wow, that’s a person I would like to meet! So Jisoo, if you’re free on Friday you’re invited to my party in Sweden! It’s K-pop themed, I will be making home-made cookies, and I have invited a couple of friends but I’m not sure if they’ll come, but if they don’t it’ll be me and you at least.

Disclaimer: I of course don’t know Jisoo personally and base everything I say here on interviews and funny clip compilations.