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Top 5 JISOO teaser videos

by kbrecordzz August 16, 2022 BLACKPINK, Jisoo, K-pop, lists

There seems to be only 5 of them, and I wanted to give them a proper and honest ranking! But mostly I made this post because I wanted to talk very briefly about the hype for BLACKPINK’s new song. The k-pop group has been posting teasers and trailers for a week now to create anticipation for their upcoming song, and they even posted a video saying that a “challenge video” is “coming soon”. I thought challenge videos were some kind of trailer already, but now it has its own trailer too. Congrats to that. Blackpink gets the same amount of attention for a 15 second teaser that others get for a song. And the same amount of attention for a single breath that others get for a short trailer. So when they release an actual song… They get a lot of money and all the insane K-pop fans with spreadsheets and automatic bots wake up to do their duty. That’s the level of promotion and music Blackpink is at! Now to the list:

1. THE ALBUM (2020)

Slow steady shots of Jisoo. Nice!

2. Pink Venom (2022)

That stare!

3. KILL THIS LOVE (2019)

This one was pretty good.

4. Pink Venom #2 (2022)

This shows a new, dangerous, side of Jisoo.

5. How You Like That (2020)

This has vertical video vibes and a very high frame-rate. Now the list is over.

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