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Hyuna IS cool, no matter what her EP says (Hyuna – I’m Not Cool)

by kbrecordzz February 4, 2021 2020s, albums, Hyuna, K-pop, Korea

HyunA just released her new EP “I’m Not Cool”, and I must clarify that she IS cool, no matter what she says. She’s so cool I don’t feel the need to cover up my excitement for her with intellectuality (just look at 1:06 and tell me you don’t love her). She seems to have this effect on everyone, why else would ìnterviewers ask questions like “How’s your private life? People think you must have many boyfriends because you are a sexy queen”? She’s comfortable with her sexy image and loves to be on stage, so she’s perfect for what she does and everyone seem to like her. Even those not interested in her current musical directions start their criticisms with “yes, I love Hyuna, but…”. And even the “not cool” part of Hyuna in her EP teaser is cool.

HyunA is cool.

This EP has a couple of memorable songs. The title track “I’m Not Cool” is tough and raw, while “Good Girl” and “Flower Shower” are contagiously positive and the middle of the EP with “Show Window” and “Party, Feel Love” offers a more laid-back rnb vibe, and altogether it makes a really nice theme-less EP with just good music. All songs have their own qualities and don’t really sound like each other. The synths are smooth and pretty, just like the overall sound. Nothing is sloppy when it comes to Hyuna, she’s always professional and well-produced and giving a great show.

Psy and HyunA in Gangnam Style (2012)

It’s a catchy EP, just like her previous solo works and her albums with 4Minute (gotta love the music videos from 2010 looking like they’re inside of a computer). Hyuna has now given the world pop hits for over a decade, like a constant party, since her debut in Wonder Girls in 2007. She’s been around for a while, and apparently I had seen her long before I knew it, as she was the girl dancing with Psy in Gangnam Style (which was also made in a more Hyuna-heavy version). Now she’s signed under Psy’s agency “P Nation”, and has collaborated with him on writing parts of this EP.

Hyuna is both cool, smart, down to earth and fun. One of the best. She’s an OG with a long career behind her and a legendary status in k-pop, which makes it weird to think she’s only 28.

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