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Tier 4 – four streamers get massive critique and make a new video

by kbrecordzz September 5, 2020 2020s, HAchubby, K-pop, Korea, Tier 4

In the spring of 2020, Korean Twitch streamers HAchubby, Jinnytty, Yuggie_TV and Yunicorn19 came together to form a k-pop group. HAchubby being the most charismatic of the four, and while it comes in weird and humorous forms on her Twitch channel, like overly-cute personas, bad English and memes, she shines for real when she sings. With composing skills, a great voice and an obvious confidence, she looks and acts like a star, which I sometimes forget when I see her dressed up like a hot-dog, dancing silly and rhyming “I’ve got a bad case of diarrea” in her Youtube stream compilations.

I’m not fully clear about the seriousness of the project. It’s “just” a k-pop video made for fun by four people outside of the music world, but it surely has professional quality both production- and art-wise. The audience seems confused as well – this showed when Tier 4 first uploaded the music video for “Bang Bang” to a largely negative response. Like: The editing was too rushed, the vocals too low mixed, and some of the members were too “stiff” on set. The critique wasn’t totally wrong (the green screen effects turned out pretty basic, the vocals could be more clear, and Jinnytty didn’t really show much emotion in the video), but given the conditions, the video was really good. The high standards of the Twitch and Youtube viewers kind of surprised me.

Is this view on art caused by the messed up k-pop world, where the music companies control artist’s lives, making sure they look, talk and act perfectly in all ways? Where an artist making too many choreography mistakes is seen as an objectively bad dancer? I’m not sure. But I’m pretty sure that putting such high demands on artists makes the experience boring, as only perfection is good enough, and perfection itself is pretty boring. But at the same time, the surfacely perfect k-pop world seems to be enjoyed.

The video is now re-edited and uploaded with a new mix, and it is better in some ways, and in some way not. I like both versions, and the girls of Tier 4 could do whatever they want and I would watch it.

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