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Who's That Bitch? - Interview with the guys from This Is (NOT!) A Car Club!

by kbrecordzz October 31, 2023 interviews

I managed to get a hold of some of the VERY busy main characters from This Is (NOT!) A Car Club, and decided to ask them a couple of flaming hot questions. And, Disonesty (real name: Germatologist Disonesty) also answered the questions even though I didn't ask her.

Hey guys! Are you a Millenial or a Gen Z?
Daddy: Proud millenial!
Adele: Hmm, maybe... millenium?
Dark Gandalf: I was born in the 80s, but I feel more compassionate with the youth. They got that passionate flame inside of them.
Disonesty: uh, gen z, i guess... i have to study now...

What's your favorite music?
Daddy: Soundtracks from the golden age of cinema. The 50s!
Adele: Heavy metal :)
Dark Gandalf: I like to get empowered by political music. Or Norwegian black metal.
Disonesty: can you come later? studying... :/

What do you think about the world today?
Daddy: Culture has decreased its quality, that's one thing I know for sure. Otherwise, it's neither good or bad, I would say.
Adele: What do you mean?
Dark Gandalf: We've been suppressed for very long, but fortunately the power of the red star is starting to shine through. Marx would like it if he saw what we do.
Disonesty: you know, I have pretty much right now... :(

Do you have any dark secret that you want to tell us?
Daddy: Um, no. Why are you asking that? Pretty weird question.
Adele: Not really! Absolutely no big secrets about steroids here!
Dark Gandalf: Sometimes when no one sees me, I'm a bright and spiritual person. I have that in me too. :)
Disonesty: uh, no... i don't really have that...

When are you the happiest?
Daddy: When I read something really funny, like a really good joke or something like that.
Adele: In the gym, hehe!
Dark Gandalf: When I'm at the bar with my best friend Polish Cow.
Disonesty: Maybe when I am with friends. Sorry but can you leave me alone for a while? Now isn't really the time for this...

Thanks guys for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview!

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