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Random quotes from the interview summaries in The Shigeru Miyamoto Archive

by kbrecordzz September 18, 2023 Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo

Yes, it's Lee Soo-man and not Shigeru Miyamoto in the picture.

While searching for the mythical Cultural Technology" manual by Lee Soo-man (the man who created SM Entertainment (the company who created Girls' Generation and Red Velvet)), I accidentally found The Shigeru Miyamoto Archive, which in some way is the closest thing to it. "It" being a manual for creating things. If anything, that's what kbrecordzz.com tries to be, even if I don't even have the slightest fraction of experience of these two men. Yes, Lee Soo-man and Shigeru Miyamoto are two unrelated people, one making music and one making games, for two different companies. Whatever. Here are some random quotes from The Shigeru Miyamoto Archive tha-

IMPORTANT NOTICE! These are not quotes by Shigeru Miyamoto himself, but from summaries of his quotes from different interviews. The Shigeru Miyamoto Archive is a bunch of links to interviews, and a summary of what he's said in all these interviews.

-that I liked. Thanks for interrupting me, "notice". Once again, here are the quotes:

"He makes sure the assets are understandable without any explanation."

"The quality of something depends on whether it’s still sought after decades later."

"Many people know who Mario is but have never played a Mario game."

"They are intuitive, it’s like players are using their own bodies to control them, it’s like an illusion. This makes people want to try things, which rewards them with gameplay experiences."


"They want to reach the widest range of people possible. He observes theater performances and theme parks, which appeal to a wide array of people. When they make something that children will enjoy they also try to make it good enough that adults will appreciate it too."

"Mario became so popular because the actions are innate to humans. People are afraid of falling and will jump over a gap."

"Hiroshi Yamauchi’s philosophy was to not have a personal philosophy. Despite that he left the company with a philosophy that they should only use their money to make fun. That simplified things, they just had to think about fun."


"Non-gamers will be turned off if something sounds like a game system."

"If it was powerful it would have cost $450, used a lot of electricity, and been so noisy that moms would be against it."

"When people played it alone during testing they would look serious, but when playing with someone else they would smile and jabber."

"Video games used to be seen as toys, but now they are essentially computers. They benefit from being more approachable than a computer."

"Nintendo always wants to be different, while others try to be better at something that someone else has done."

"Over time they found that Mario games went from something everyone could play, to only being for fans of Mario. Now they want to make Mario accessible to everyone again."


"Unlike many things from Japan, Mario is not seen as something exotic or from the Orient."


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