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Kenneth & the Knutters breaks nine years of silence

by kbrecordzz January 24, 2021 2020s, Kenneth & the Knutters, rock, Sweden

On the first Kenneth & the Knutter’s song in nine years, vocalist Kickin’ Kenneth sings about a girl being so hot it causes him to faint. Wow! New young love, or a praise for his wife? Neither, it turns out the song is about a motorcycle, according to an interview. Not surprising coming from a band who has made love songs to motorbikes many times before, and for who turning concepts inside out to find new ways to sing about bikes is nothing new. Their shtick is very obvious after hearing them mention bike-related stuff countless times, but at times they actually take the opportunity to sing about other topics too. At least that’s what I thought before I heard the band explain the double meaning of “Däckad, golvad & klar”, now it seems like everything is about motorcycles in the end, even the songs not making wordplays on motorcycle brand names all the time. I thought their 80s songs sounded so nostalgic and full of life, and I really believed they had a deeper meaning, but maybe it’s all a joke.

Even if it’s 100% gimmick the music can still be meaningful if you allow it to be. It’s really about freedom and living life. Empowering macho anthems about running away from your wife on a cool motorcycle (“För långt bort för din Amazon”), or about “owning the whole road when you drive” as the upcoming single is speculated to be about. If you make an effort to find authentic positive vibes in Kenneth & the Knutters you’ll find it.

Translated lyrics for the first verse and chorus of “Däckad, golvad & lycklig”:
I’m a pretty normal guy, neither slow or fast
it’ll take the time it takes
it’s not often that I use my strength, no exaggerations
no, I’d rather chill a little bit every day

but the lightning pushes down my soul
when she stands in front of me I die to death
it smells like gold, indeed
and a bit like if all the plugs burned at the same time

fainted, floored and happy
you get me completely out of balance
how can someone be so fucking hot
and where is she made?
she makes me fainted, floored and happy
totally unique in her own kind
I think I’ll lie here a little bit more
fainted, floored and happy

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