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"Brokencyde Will Never Die" – a misunderstood album?

by kbrecordzz November 27, 2020 2010s, albums, Brokencyde, crunkcore, hip hop, pop, USA, Western music

Ten years later – is it really that bad? No, it’s very good. And weird.

The metal screams aren’t what’s weird, what’s weird is to use them for screaming the words “it’s boppin’ for sure”. They distort and autotune the screams, and use them in all places possible (compared to before and after this period when they used to scream where it fitted). Both Phat J’s deep growl and 7even’s high-pitched scream sounds pretty misplaced, and aren’t that interesting to be honest (even if it feels like that at a first glance), and if you put some time and effort you can definitely learn to love them. In the song “Teach Me How to Scream” they address and honour their screaming in a stressful way, roaring through all verses with screams and not only as a hype method or a fun detail in a chorus. They are really unreasonable. On this album all sounds are in clash with each other and it’s just mad chaos, everything must come out at the same time! When the song becomes a noisy wall of screaming, the music is poppin’.

Notes on a few songs:
* Goose Googlez – one of their best songs. So gross.
* Kama Sutra – really great sex song
* My Gurl – not very good, but catchy enough to sing along
* High Timez – stands out as a reggae song on a more pop and hiphop oriented album
* U Ain’t Crunk – they go back to the roots of crunk, screaming simple chants pretty much like Lil Jon in the late 90s

Really great songs: Dis Iz a Rager Dude, Teach Me How to Scream, Da House Party, Goose Gogglez, Ride Slow

“Will Never Die” always gets me in a party mood. Even if they use bad words it’s all in a fun vibe, and overall it’s an incredibly positive album. At the time of the release Brokencyde got very much hate, but they never hated back on anyone, or on anything at all. They seem to be really happy and nice dudes, and I think that’s what you also must be to take in this album. If the music repells you, have in mind that not even Brokencyde’s own producer Tristan liked their music in the beginning (“When I first heard brokencyde I didn’t like them at all and they were using my beats. Then I saw them live and what they do “made sense” to me. I can’t explain it, but when you see them live it’s like “ok, I get it now.” […] It’s music to just have fun to and go crazy to. Nothing more, nothing less.”). In my eyes they are almost everything a really cool band is, they’re unique and provocing and do their thing for an audience that loves them. Their live shows are energetic and have a feeling of punk to them, and I think that’s the way you have to view Brokencyde to get their thing 100%.

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